Like the expression, “every picture tells a story,” every part of your salon/day spa is a zone or a message center.

Think about it this way, you are the designer or programmer, you have a blank canvas, and you have no competition from other media. In other words, your salon/day spa’s physical space is a medium you don’t have to share with anyone. Your salon/day spa is where you fight for your client’s discretionary dollars. You’re marketing on your own turf so it’s all up to you. You can differentiate yourself from everyone else in your neighborhood also wanting to win the client’s dollars. You probably are already doing some if not all of this; however, you may want to use this list (please feel free to add to it) to check to see if you’re maximizing your opportunities. It can help those of us who sometimes can’t see the forest from the trees.

Once you have the employees involved, focus on other zones where you can merchandise to create more sales.

  • Parking Lot Zone It’s here where you make your first impression, make sure that it’s safe and well lit. Start your promotions here, use marquees, banners, and distinguish yourself from your competition. If you offer valet parking, use it to your advantage by distributing flyers, special offers (cleaning the client’s car windows), etc.
  • Your Entry Zone Whether it is a foyer, lobby, or entryway, set your clients expectations by merchandising this area with displays, posters, samples, etc.
  • Your Front Desk Zone Make sure the client sees a smiling face and hears the words, ”How can I help you?” or “Good to see you today, how may I assist you.” You may also want to use this zone for point of purchase display material, or take a page out of the specialty food store or Starbucks, and have impulse purchases for sale. It’ll improve your average ticket!
  • Waiting Area Zone You have a captive audience, so besides having friendly, smiling staff passing by and asking clients how they can help, find some merchandising tools to enhance your marketing, magazines with covers, before and after books, scratch pads with your salon/day spas name, posters, and informational brochures are just a few examples.
  • Your Office Zone It’s a place where you handle customer complaints, give reviews and guidance, and see vendors. Make sure it’s organized to send the messages that you want to send. There’s nothing like a clean office to communicate cleanliness and orderliness are things that are important to your salon/day spa. How about having a stack of gift certificates handy for your vendors to thank them for your relationship, they can become great word of mouth marketers for you.
  • Your Dispensary Zone Here’s the place your internal clients congregate so make sure you do daily inspections and engage them. Use recognition posters, reward photos, contest signage, as well as scoreboards showing the key salon indicators.
  • Bathroom Zone This is the place is the most often neglected (next to the dispensary zone). Use posters with special promotions, testimonials, and images that depict the benefits of your products and services.
  • Telephone Zone In today’s cell-phone world, the pay telephone may look like a dinosaur. However, if you’re running a day/spa and don’t want clients using their telephones, provide a space where they can go, along with note-pads, pens, etc.