It’s only normal for your stomach to sink when your salon gets a lousy Yelp review.

But if you’re harnessing the power of social media you’re bound to get a doggy review or two.

Since you can’t remove a lousy review don’t squander this opportunity in disguise by trying to:

  1. Accuse Yelp of extortion for your not advertising with them. Why? Because you clearly don’t know how Yelp works and you’ll just look like a big paranoid baby to them.
  2.  Crying libel – that the review damaged your reputation and hurt your feelings. Why? Because if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. The Internet simply isn’t for you.
  3. Cajole users into giving you good reviews to smother the bad ones.

According to Yelp’s director of business outreach, Luther Lowe, in explaining how Yelp’s robot filter works – “Businesses that are pretty aggressive about soliciting almost always have a lot of reviews filtered.” Click here for full Yelp article.