Are you working too hard, but still aren’t getting what you want from your business?

You can be more successful and build the type of salon/day spa you’ve always imagined and have a life too. Are you wrestling with any of these salon/day spa owner/manager problems?

  • You have plenty of ideas, but don’t get them narrowed down. (Even if you do you have trouble getting them implemented).
  • You do not have enough clients to fill your chairs and rooms.
  • Not enough qualified staff to serve those clients you are bringing in.
  • You’re still getting retail selling resistance from your team.
  • Client retention figures are so low you’re embarrassed to tell them to your team.
  • You want to grow to another location(s); however, your precious resources (people, time, and money) are stretched too thin.
  • You’ve been trying to reduce costs; however, they’re increasing more quickly than your sales are.

You’re the type of independent salon/day spa owner who wants to overcome these problems…who wants to be a better manager, leader and marketer so you can:

  • Focus on the ideas that are going to build the business and get them to work.
  • Bring more clients through the doors.
  • Find and keep great people to service those clients.
  • Sell more retail while not having your people feel like “used car” salesmen.
  • Ensure your clients return to the salon again and again.
  • Add locations without being stretched like a rubber band.
  • Increase sales while keeping your costs “in-line.”

Hi, I’m Andrew Finkelstein, owner of The Beauty Resource. Yes, there are better, more successful ways to manage and market your salon and day spa. Since 1994, I’ve been helping owners and managers of a wide-variety of independent salon/day spas make more money, and get more time to enjoy it by becoming better leaders, marketers, and managers. I have developed a suite of unique products and programs that will help you master the art and science of the salon/day spa business. Although your specific circumstances may be a bit different from other owners/managers you’ll probably find the challenges you face are remarkably similar. In the final analysis, you want to own a successful business while having a life of your own. Do any of the following fit your description of yourself as a salon/day spa owner?