With nearly every salon/day spa having a website, you’d have to wonder if a website is working for these salons/day spas, helping them develop business, or if the salon/day spa is working for the website.

So how would you measure if your website is working for you or not? Since word working covers a lot of ground, let’s focus on exactly what a website has to do for you and your business, so you can say, “Hey, my website is helping me improve my business. It’s just not sitting there like a lump of coal in cyber-space, taking up my time, money, and other resources.” Imagine you wanted to make a home improvement by redoing your driveway and replacing the asphalt with pebbles. What would be the first thing you’d do? (After planning the project out of course!) That’s right, the first thing is you’ll have to take up the old asphalt. But to take it up you have to break it up. To do that you have a choice of tools, either a handpick or a hydraulic jackhammer. Either tool will do the job; however, each requires a different mix of resources—time, training, cost to operate, maintenance, etc. Naturally, your choice of tools will depend on how you want to allocate your resources. You may want to use both. It depends on field conditions. So what does in the world does this have to do with your website or your salon? When you strip away all the bells and whistles, and all that flash and jazz; isn’t your website just

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another tool in your marketing toolkit? Okay, so it seems a bit more complicated than other marketing tools you have at your disposal, what with all that HTML code and other techie stuff. However, it’s really not all that complicated. It’s just is more dressed-up than some other tools you use. The good news is you don’t have to become a programmer to get great results. Lord knows, you have enough to do already. You just want to get deeper into marketing, to understand how you can harness your website’s horsepower. You see, your website can be a power tool, one you can use to leverage your marketing. Like the hydraulic jackhammer, it can get you the same result as other tools can. Maybe at a faster rate; however, once again, it requires a different mix of resources. At the end of the day, your website is just like every other marketing tool you use. You simply want it to give you results, so you can say, “My website is working for me—not the other way around!” So what exact results do you want to get from your website? Results you can measure. Let’s concentrate on having your website attract new clients. Not just any old client, attract your ideal client, your target market—those folks you’d like to fill your chairs. Bottom line: when it comes to your website and whether it’s working for you, you’ll want to measure the number of people visiting your site and then measure the number of those who opt into your list. A list you’ll then work.