How to Create a “Deal” that will Retain Clients and
Make Your Salon Money

Running an offer on a “Deal Site”

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for example Groupon, Living Social or Gilt, can help you put more people into your salon’s chairs.

But it’s more than just making an “attractive” offer to the deal site’s list that determines whether or not this type of marketing works for you.

And believe it or not these other elements that make the deal successful are within your control.

So what are those other elements that will make it work?

Let’s start with your selection of the “Deal Site” you’ll be doing business with. Each “Deal Site” has a different audience (membership) so you’ll want to choose the one(s) that best reflect your salon’s target profile (ideal client).

Then onto the offer itself. Spend time on creating your deal(s). Think about the number of new clients you’d like to see, the amount of $ you’d like to generate, as well as gross margin %, add-ons, retention and re-booking rates. (I have a handy “deal-designer” tool to use. See form below.)

Whatever deal you come up with make sure it’s one that will make you money.

Ok, so maybe you won’t make the same amount you do on a “regular” service but that’s ok – you do have someone in your chair who you can bring back into the salon.

Remember not everyone who uses a deal site is a “deal junkie”.

While there are “hair deal junkies”; people who end up clipping “coupons” whenever they need a haircut or color, there are people who are genuinely looking for a new “hair home” (a salon I work with recently offered a deal where the retention rate was only 2% less than their retention rate from “organic” first time visitors).

Therefore you’ll want to prep your team for the deal – after all it’s how they treat the “deal” clients that will be a major contributor to your deal’s success.

By following this step by step plan you’ll not only put more people in your chairs during the “deal period” but long after the deal’s over.

For a detailed step by step outline on “Deal Making” and to get your own copy of my “Deal Designer” Fill out the form below and we’ll send the documents to you right away!

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