What would your clients say if you were charging a $1000.00 for a haircut?

Are thoughts like “I’m finding someone else to cut my hair”, “she’s lost her mind” or “I wouldn’t have any clients if I did that” crossing your mind?

Yet these salon owners have ventured into new haircut pricing territory, taking their haircut prices to levels that most people would consider to be insane.

So before you dismiss these folks as just a bunch of nuts or publicity chow hounds check out this Wall Street

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Journal article. Or check out the video embedded below….

Believe me – these owners are anything but nuts – they’re all savvy marketers who are using high prices as a point of differentiation.

But go ahead and decide for yourself.

Maybe you won’t be offering a $1000.00 haircut just yet, but you’ll definitely have a different perspective on pricing.


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