Don’t be bamboozled by some slick social site sales rep who’ll push you on price – they’re skilled at crafting “deals” that’ll fill your salon’s chairs but, if you’re not careful, will empty your salon’s bank account – see

So follow these seven keys to “Deal Design” for Groupon or other Deal Sites and create special offers . They’ will serve your salon/spa financially both short and long term.

From a marketing perspective a well designed Groupon deal will help you stand

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out from the “get them in at any price” salons.

1. Treat the clients coming to you for the deal, like you do your regular clients – the name of the game is to bring them back.

2. Keep those pure bargain shoppers out of your chairs/rooms by increasing the price of the package. For example if your “deal” is a $75 value for $35, and your everyday average service costs $75, you are wooing the wrong prospects. Offer a $150 value package for $74 – that sets up a strong barrier to entry.

3. Build a higher margin package to bring down your direct costs for the “deal”.

4. Don’t discount your regular priced services. If your best seller is a shampoo/ haircut/style for $60, offer a great package with a reasonable value of $110 for $54, so that your regular clients don’t feel like suckers for paying regular prices.

5. Use social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and make your deal go viral. Remember, your existing clients are your best way to spread the word. Give them a compelling offer that they will want to try and share with their friends.

6. Keep the number of “deals” sold limited to something your salon can benefit from – don’t inconvenience your regular customers or downgrade your service.

7. Track the results of your deal – total sales, profit/loss, average ticket, new clients, retention rate, increase in your list size or social media contacts and your website traffic.

Also remember in today’s marketplace you don’t have to pay Groupon or the other Deal Site 50% of the sales generated by the deal. While that may have been true when Groupon was

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