I’m totally infatuated with Apples’ new iPad Plus. Not only
is it big, bright and beautiful but you can actually write on it!logo

And to an “analogue” type of guy (I love using pen) the iPad Plus with its pencil seems like a dream come true.

So while I was recently in Grand Central Station I hopped upstairs to the Apple Store and made a beeline straight for the table of iPad Pluses.

I was the only customer at the table – however there were other people at the table- not customers but ten sales trainees and one Apple instructor.

Because she was reviewing the iPad Plus with them I couldn’t help but eavesdrop – after all I am interested in the product.

She asked them what kind of a person buys this product – and the trainees responded with “artist, designers, architects …” names of professions that probably mirrored the soon to be sales peoples’ own career paths.

“Ok” she said, your right, those people are interested in this product, but businesses and business people are the ones showing the biggest interest.

Then she asked to the group “why do you think those people would be interested in the iPad Plus”?

There was silence in our section of the store as they tried to come up with their answers.

Being a marketing strategist coach, and consultant I thought “damn it, why don’t you ask me? – It’d be a great opportunity moment for you and your group – actually having a business guy (the very type of guy who is buying them – “live on 5” as we say – standing here waiting to be engaged”.

Maybe she was too involved with the group so she didn’t notice me. And I certainly wasn’t going to butt in.

So the moment came and went.

Thank God that it did – she probably could have sold one to me – and what I don’t “need” at this exact point in time (even though my iPad 2 is on its last breath), is another gadget – no matter how cool and beautiful it may be.

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