Facebook, the 800lb social networking gorilla is stomping through the digital jungle again http://tinyurl.com/8282egg

And for the more than 850 million inhabitants of this digital jungle, including the tens of thousands of salon and spa businesses, it’s survival of the fittest.

You either recognize the rulers of this jungle, and understand the rules or you don’t. Those who “get it” end up the winning the digital marketing game. Those who don’t – won’t.

While quickly

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and skillfully adopting and adapting your Facebook pages and marketing may not turn you into an 800lb social networking gorilla, it’ll keep you from becoming just another little ant scurrying around in the digital underbrush – never seeing the light of day – never getting more clients, never building a new prospect list and never seeing more salon sales from your social media efforts.

So let’s talk about Facebook’s King and Queen. While some may consider Mark Zuckerberg the company’s founder & CEO and Sheryl Sandberg the company’s COO to be Facebook’s royalty, I’m talking about another royal couple.

That royal couple is content – The King, and engagement – The Queen. And engagement rules the house.

Why? Because you can have