Who doesn’t want their salon/spa to prosper? No one I work with or know. Although I’m sure we’ve all met folks who don’t exactly walk the talk.

You’re an enlightened owner/manager who knows that great client service all begins in your mind. Start to think of yourself and your team members as “client service diplomats.” Become a five star master of client service diplomacy by embracing and embodying these points of view.

  1. Remember you are your salon/spa to your clients and prospective clients. To the typical client you are the company. How the client feels about you will be how he feels about the company.
  2. Treat each client like your closest friend. Everybody wants to be treated as important. You automatically treat your friends this way. The successful client service diplomat learns to treat everyone with the same friendly, positive attitude.
  3. Client service diplomacy gets first priority. Nothing else can be more important than the client because nothing else matters without the client. Basically, there is no business without them.
  4. The client controls your future. Think about it this

    way. In the best salons/spas favorable and unfavorable comments and letters from customers do go into a file, and do influence raise and promotion decisions. Looking at the bigger picture, the success your salon/spa has, which permits it to continue in business, grow in business, prosper and reward its people, has a direct relationship to client satisfaction.

  5. Client service diplomacy means going the extra mile. It’s the extra courtesy, the extra knowledge, the extra effort; all those little things have big impact. You can make a meaningful positive difference by going the extra mile.

So program your mind with these five success guidelines by reviewing them several times. They will become part of your memory in your attitude system. It will ultimately, automatically influence your thinking and your behavior. When that occurs, it will influence your reactions to clients. The results are positive for everyone—your clients, your team, and you.