How To Boost Your Salon Retail Sales – Now!

Is your retail business where you would like it to be?

If the answer is “YES,” then either one of two things has happened:

  • You’ve been building your business by making it a focus of attention and allocating the necessary resources (including time and energy) towards it.
  • You’ve lowered your expectations and standards so now you’re meeting them. click here

If you’ve answered “no,” in other words, you want retail to contribute in a big way to your salon/day spa’s sales and profits; then hang on, because help is on the way.

I’m going to share with you how-to

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increase your average point of purchase retail transaction by 20-30%.

It’s simply using The Power of Up-Sell and Cross-Sell.

Have you ever gone to a McDonalds and been asked the question, “Would you like fries and a coke with that?” or, “Would you like to super size your order today?”

Have you ever purchased a computer or digital camera and been asked if you’d like to buy the extended warranty?

Have you ever gone to purchase the basic model appliance, let’s say a washer/dryer, and planned on spending $500, but instead left with a better model to meet your needs, which cost $650?

Have you ever found yourself saying, “sure, why not,“ even though you didn’t order or intend to order that additional item when you arrived in the store or at the website?

Here’s the scoop. The statistics say 30% of people say yes to these questions. The companies effectively employing this simple strategy earn as much as 30-50% of their profits from such time-tested tactics.

But what’s ironic is that surveys show 88% of the companies don’t use

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these strategies.

To show you the impact of a 30% increase, I’ll break the numbers down for you.

  • If you have retail sales that are as little as $200 per week or $10,000 per year, 30% equates to $3,000.
  • Take a couple of steps up from there and 30% equates to $15,000 per year if your salon now sells $50,000 in retail.
  • $30,000 if it’s $100,000.
  • $60,000 if your retail sales are $200,000.

Now that’s talking extra money and most salons/day spas are leaving it on the table.

We call this concept up-sell or cross-sell.

Up-selling is when your client purchases a greater quantity of what they are ordering.

Cross-sellingis when your client purchases an additional item or service, in addition to the original order.

Is this basic enough?

Sure it is; however, remember the statistics, get out of the crowd of 88% of those companies that don’t have an up-sell/cross-sell strategy in place.

Don’t believe me about the impact?

Let me give you a test step to put into place, then decide for yourself if you want to take it further.

  1. Offer 10 of your clients an additional retail item at point of purchase (do it at the station).
  2. See how many say yes.

Note: If you already use this strategy, add another item or look for ways to improve your current results (perhaps you’ll want to make sure those 10 clients are asked the question again when they’re paying their bill).

The question you’ll want to ask yourself is this – does my salon have a formalized/systematized up-sell/cross-sell system in place?

If you don’t, I encourage you to put one in place and work it to death!

If you

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don’t know how to, it’s ok, as long as you learn how.

Why? Because it works.

Why Clients Don’t Buy Salon Retail

Imagine you have done a great consultation with your client.

Now she’s just where you want her—right in the palms of your talented hands.

It’s a magical moment when both you and the client are in that state called “rapport.”

Everything seems to be flowing. You’re being your natural self. See

You know your work is going to be great; she’s excited and can’t wait to love what you’ve done.

Yet at that very moment when your client is saying to herself “I finally found someone who understands me,” you’re thinking, “Do I or don’t I?” “Do I or don’t I what?”

Come on now, you know what I’m talking about.

It’s ”Do I or don’t I do that retail thing?”

You see, at that very moment when everything seems to be good, when you’re so much “in the flow” you hear that little voice in your head. You know the one. The one whispering in your ear, “I know this is

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the time to introduce retail products to her BUT…”

And bang just like that, in a flash, the magic moment is gone. You are out of the flow and what could have been a great service turns out to be only a good one. And good today is simply not good enough.

Why have you turned great to good? It is because you’ve come up against your retail resistance.

What is retail resistance? It is how you think about selling or taking it to another level, it is how you feel about selling when you think those thoughts about it.

As a human being your natural tendency is to rationalize or justify your behavior. That happens when your little voice takes over. Just like a skilled martial artist uses her opponent’s strength to her advantage; your little voice uses your natural tendency to defeat you.

So let’s be clear about one thing. Poor retail sales are not about the client’s resistance to buying. Oh no, they are about the professional’s resistance to selling.

Look at this list about professional salon retailing and see what comes up for you. Do any of them sound familiar to you? Do you operate from any of these as if they were the gospel truth?

  • Presenting retail products leads to rejection.
  • It probably won’t work anyway, so why bother.
  • If I ask for the sale, it will sound like I’m begging.
  • People won’t be interested in the products that I offer.
  • Retail selling doesn’t work for this kind of service.
  • Retailing just puts people off.
  • I don’t have the time to retail and my business retailing is a complete waste of time and resources.
  • Retailing is hard and expensive.
  • Only salons and day spas with sub-standard services need to retail.
  • People who retail are just charlatans or snake oil salesmen.
  • People who retail are just the manufacturers’ drones.
  • I cannot start retailing until I know exactly what to do.
  • I’m not qualified (educated or experienced) enough yet.
  • Retailing is a bother and an interruption to people.
  • I can’t sell—it’s too embarrassing.
  • I’m not good at talking and my clients won’t believe me.


The next time you hear that little voice whispering those “sweet nothings” in your ear, remember that it is a rapport breaker.

Just ignore it and do your own voodoo. That voodoo that you know how to do so well.

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