How to Leverage Your Team’s Talents to Get More Salon Facebook Fans

Building your Salon’s Facebook fan base is a challenge for busy salon owners – who usually have too much to do with too little time to do it.

One solution for getting more fans is to harness the energy and talents of your employees.

Before you get going make sure your team members know the “rules of the road” for Facebook and they understand and comply with the FTC Guidelines for Adequate Disclosure (see– if an employee posts on your Page or on any of your other social media channels they need to disclose their material relationship with your salon.

Also, provide written guidelines for posting on Facebook and using other types of social media – you owe it to yourself, your salon and your team to be clear about the do’s, don’ts and how-to’s.

Here are 10 tips on how to get more Fans to your page by involving your team members.

  1. Send
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    Team member Emails – send an introductory email letting them know all about your Salon’s FB Page. Encourage them to become Fans but don’t make it a “command performance” -Note: to get a higher

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    level of participation send your team an email sequence.

  2. Hold Contests – create contests just for your team – for example Free Pizza (or another

    fun reward) for the team if the salon hits a “Like” target within the first month.

  3. Share Page with Friends – Encourage your team to share the page with their friends and family on Facebook. The share this page is at the bottom under the left hand side of the Page. Write out specific instructions on how to do share because not every team member is as tech-savvy as we would imagine they are.
  4. Solicit Content Ideas – The more content you have on your Salon’s FB Page the better – and your team have plenty of ideas on what they’d like to see up on the salon’s page. So solicit ideas and by holding a “Content Drive”. Set up a specific email where employees can recommend content. Encourage them to send videos, photos and ideas.
  5. Create Employee Videos – Shoot a weekly or monthly video of an employee giving a testimonial as to why your salon’s a great place to work.
  6. Harness Linkedin/Twitter – have your team members let their friends know about the salon’s page by communicating through Linkedin and Twitter.
  7. Add Facebook “Like” Boxes – Add a Facebook “Like” box to the salon website and blog.
  8. Email Signatures – Get your team to add a link to the Salon Page in their email signatures. Keep it as simple as “Like me on Facebook!”
  9. Encourage Team Member Interaction – Make sure your team knows how important it is for them to interact on the Salon Page. Let them know that commenting and liking posts on the Salon Page will increase the chances of those posts being featured in your fans’ news feeds.
  10. Conduct Social Media Training – Have a social media expert come to the salon and hold a training course for interest in learning how to use social media for personal and professional purposes.

Remember having a Salon Page with a variety of employee posts and videos makes it more attractive and authentic to others and gives it more “pulling power”.

Show & Tell: The Secret to More Salon Sales

Every day salon owners have a big opportunity sitting right under their nose – and it’s Free!

But, for whatever the reason, most owners don’t take advantage of this opportunity to improve their salon’s sales and profits.

So the question becomes – will you take advantage of this opportunity?

Will you be a mover and shaker – or someone who just goes on complaining about shrinking sales and tiny profits?

Where is this opportunity? It lies in the fact that you already have clients in your salon’s chairs and rooms.

And just like most, your clients are silently begging to be led – in areas where they do not have expertise, clients want to be told what to do, how to do it, and why to do it.

Don’t you feel the same way?

It’s important that we don’t confuse leadership with manipulation. Why? Because people resist manipulation at all costs.

However, it doesn’t mean people don’t welcome and embrace information, advice, education and direction. People will follow you if you’re from the right place—from the heart—and you put the client’s best interest ahead of yours.Y

You know the reasons clients want what you have to give. You know people want to enhance their physical appearance for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Feeling more self-confident
  • Giving an “image of success”
  • Feeling more accepted
  • Attracting a member of the opposite or same sex

Once you’ve personally embraced the “client leadership philosophy, and your clients feel comfortable and authoritatively led, you’ll want to put the power of leadership into action.

How? By telling your clients how they can attain greater advantages, greater results, and greater performance from your salon/day spa’s services and products.

Advocate action every time you communicate with your clients, whether it’s a letter that includes a gift certificate, a cross promotion with another business, include a specific call to action.

If you want your clients to redeem a coupon, tell them to do so. Below are possible actions you may want to persuade your clients to take.

Briefly describe your offer, the service, and information you want to communicate to your clients.

Use short sentences to spur action like the following:

  • Call now!
  • Come in now!
  • Act now!
  • While supplies last!
  • For a short time only!
  • Be the first!
  • Supply limited!

After you’ve shown, explained, and educated your clients about what’s in their best interest…motivate them. Tell them exactly how they can obtain the results they want to achieve through the products and services you offer

Nine Tips to Boost Salon Client Retention

Your salon’s marketing is bringing in more of the right type of customers. Now you’ll want to do what it takes to keep them coming back.

What’s the best way to improve your salon’s retention? Learn how to get out of your own shoes and walk for a mile or two in your clients’ shoes.

Here are 9 ways to get that ball rolling and boost your salon’s retention:

  1. Grade your salon/spa objectively on your customer service performance at least once a month. Also, ask your employees and clients to grade your salon. If not all three agree, start digging as to why not. Spa owners take note – for a formal total quality assessment tools

    I recommend speaking with Linda Bankoski founder of

  2. Identify the
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    one thing you’ve always felt was impossible to do, but if you could do it, you’d radically transform your salon/spa in your customers’ eyes.

  3. Review your customer related policies from your customers’ point of view (POV).
  4. Play the devil’s advocate and list the 10 least satisfying things about your salon/spa from your customers’ point of view .
  5. Stand in your clients’ shoes and list 10 things you would love to discover about your salon/spa (even if they’re not in place today).
  6. Determine if the standards and criteria you use for your service and products are the same as those your clients use.
  7. Ask your employees for suggestions on ways to improve the value of the clients’ experience with you. (Read Martin Edelston’s book, “I-Power Starter’s Kit” for a great system on suggestions
  8. Ask your clients’ regularly about how you’re doing, if you’re meeting, exceeding, or falling short of their expectations.
  9. Track all client feedback (both positive and negative). Look for common themes or threads so you can identify where you have to either create a new system or modify an existing one.
Start with any of these or a combination of a them and you’re on your way to improving your client retention.

Seven Root Causes of Salon Marketing Fatigue

Most salon/spa owners/managers are frustrated and disappointed when they advertise and promote their business.

Why? Because they’re tired of getting far too little results for their marketing efforts.

The problem is that that they have salon marketing fatigue. Fatigue caused repeating what they’ve done before hoping that this time things will improve or try something new, hoping that it’ll do “the trick”.

The way to cure this problem is digging down and finding it’s root cause.

So if your salon/spa’s performance is falling short of your expectations it’s the result of one of the following:

#1 You have the wrong mindset: Your thoughts and attitudes, plus the underlying

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beliefs you say to yourself determine your outcomes. For information on mindsets I recommend the work of Byron Katie at

For example if you think it takes too much time, or is too expensive to do, then guess what? It will be. Your beliefs create your reality, so you’ll want to look at them, identify them, and work with a process to turn around those beliefs. You’ll want to question your limiting beliefs.

#2 You don’t know how to play the “game”: Like any game marketing has rules and parameters. It’s a process with a beginning, a middle end, and an end. Remember just like a game, you’ll also need a way to keep score.

#3 You don’t speak the “language”: No, this isn’t the technical stuff of the advertising world, it’s the way to use language. It’s about the syntax (the order in which ideas are communicated). You probably know marketing is about AIDA (gaining attention, creating interest, and desire, and getting the prospect to take action). The challenge is what you have to say to get AIDA. Robert Middleton, coined the phrase “marketing” syntax.

#4 You don’t have a powerful message: You haven’t used the syntax to develop the message. The purpose of your message is to get attention and interest, so people say, “Tell me more.”

#5 You don’t have the right currency: Currency is information about your services that your prospective clients are looking for. Use it to turn interest into commitment. Once you have their attention, they want to know more.

#6 You haven’t implemented the right tactics: Use more than one tactic to convert a person into a client. Approach them from more than one angle.

#7 You don’t have a marketing action plan: All of it must be written out. It’s your blueprint for marketing success. Remember, the act of putting it down on paper gets the ball rolling as nothing else can.

So to get and keep high quality clients realize your not in salon/spa business but in the business of marketing your salon/spa.



Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Imagine a client comes into your salon/day spa between visits to buy something. She goes to the front desk and asks for the product, the person at the desk gets the product and cashes the client out without asking who had recommended the product.

So the client gets her product and she’s happy, the salon/day spa makes a profit and maybe the person at the desk gets credit for making the sale, so everyone’s happy right? Whoa, hang on a moment, what if the technician, the person who had serviced the client, actually did a consultation and made a product recommendation (an offer) that the client didn’t take advantage of on the day of her visit. However, the information remained in her head and she eventually took action. Shouldn’t the stylist get credit—in one form or another? You’re “doing the right thing” as an owner/manager by taking care of your team. One way to take care of your team is by putting a system in place, a system where you find out whether or not the technician made the recommendation—to find out if the technician actually “did the right thing.” So what is the right thing they’re doing? They’re being truly professional. They’re doing what professionals do and focusing on the client by doing the consultation and making the recommendations for the service and the product. As a savvy owner you know just because the technician does the consultation and recommends products/services (makes an offer) doesn’t mean the client will automatically purchase the product or take advantage of the service on that very day. And why don’t clients purchase? For any number of reasons—already have enough, bought another brand in between visits and are too embarrassed to admit it—you know all the reasons and they’re always the client’s reasons never yours. However, the number one overriding reason is nobody asked them to purchase (the offer). In the real world, nobody in any salon/day

spa in the world has a 100% batting average, where every client, every day, purchases everything that the professional recommends. (Okay, if someone sees one client a day, maybe it’s possible; however, that’s not what we’re talking about.) Just because it is true doesn’t mean any stylist can’t have a 100% batting average in doing a consultation and making a recommendation (the offer). After all, sales are simply the outcome of certain actions. How can someone have a 100% batting average in doing a consultation and making an offer? Because that’s something they can totally control. They have it within their power; whereas, the client has the ultimate control in deciding whether to buy. In the consultation and making the offer it’s only the chatter going on in their brains that’s stopping them. If your technicians are being true professionals (just like a doctor making the diagnosis and the recommendations), every member of your team can bat 100%. And the good news is it’s totally possible because the only thing stopping them is themselves…not you, not the client, no one. The higher the batting average, the greater the likelihood a client will buy, whether on that day or later on between visits. Just imagine what would happen to your business’ sales if that occurred. Well it may not be happening 100% now; however, it’s something to work towards because the payoff for everyone—the client, the team, and the business—is huge. You can get there if you’re reinforcing the professional behavior you want by giving credit where credit is due, and give credit to the technician, if they’ve made the recommendation (because they’ve been professional and really have taken care of the client).