When Fear Blocks Vision and What to do About it

It’s not a secret that having a clear vision for your business is an important leadership tool. But employee’s fear of change may be blocking that vision.

Successful salon owners can describe their vision. It’s their statement of transformation – of what the business will change into from what it is today. Specifically what it will “look like”, “feel like” and how it will”act” and “perform” in the future.

As Jim Horan author of The One Page Business Plan http://www.theonepagebusinessplan.com writes, the vision of your business describes what your business will look like 1, 3 or 5 years in the future.

Naturally salon owners want to see their vision of this busy profitable business materialize.

So how do you turn your vision into a reality? How do you take something you’ve written on a piece of paper and make it “come alive”?

One important aspect of bringing your vision into the real world is by capturing the hearts, minds, and imaginations of all of your people.

Eventually, there comes a point where you have to get your entire team involved in the


Yet some people may be reluctant to participate or will resist for their own reasons. And that’s not unusual.Nor is it unusual for some of your employees to not react as favorably as you’d like them to.

Why? It’s usually due to underlying fears about what change can mean to them. So you’ll want a method to help them move through whatever is in their way.

One method you can use is to hold one-to-one business development meetings. One-to-one meetings can help minimize fear and assist your people in facing change with strength and maturity.

Use these tips when holding meetings with employees who are not yet on board with the vision.

  • Position changes in the employees self-interests.
  • Help your employees focus on what they really want (help them work on a personal mission).
  • Clearly state employees past accomplishments and positive attributes.
  • Give employees the permission and opportunity to speak freely.
  • Stay calm when you hear something you don’t agree with – don’t over-react.
  • Be firm in your commitment to build the business.

By holding these meetings, you’ll lower the resistance and increase the likelihood of your employees playing a game that’s really worth playing.

So get your employees involved. Because the truth is that you can’t do it alone!

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