Implement an Ucentric Consultation System

You know that whether in a good economy or a bad one, every owner/manager wants to increase sales.

But how do you do increase sales when fewer clients may be coming in the doors, or visiting less often? One way is by implementing an “Ucentric” consultation system and then ensuring every client has one. So what makes a consultation an Ucentric consultation? Simply this, an Ucentric consultation is rooted from the client’s perspective. It’s how she sees herself and her world. It’s all about that particular client,

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her hair, skin, nail, and body care challenges and the professional’s suggested solutions to those problems. A professional only gives a genuine Ucentric consultation if she asks a series of questions, listens intently, and knowing her stuff, offers solutions. Why are Ucentric consultations different from the so-called normal consultations? When you conduct an Ucentric consultation, you follow a scripted procedure (first this, then that, no skipping of steps—no shortcuts). Ucentric consulting only occurs when your ego takes a back seat, when you’re so well versed in what to do and how to do it that the little voice in your head shuts up, allowing you to be fully present with the client, allowing you to really serve her. Every client wants to be “heard” as well as to hear what the professional suggests, whether or not she’ll take action upon those recommendations during that particular visit is another matter altogether. Why don’t clients buy products or services that day, even when they’ve had a Ucentric consultation? Frankly, clients will only buy a product or have a service when they’re ready to. Consulting Ucentrically gives her the freedom to tell you exactly when she’ll be ready. What you have to do next is keep your follow-up marketing system going.