Will iPhone’s Siri Give Your Salon a Recommendation?

Whether you’re an iPhone lover or not you’ve got to be impressed with Apple’s having sold over FOUR MILLION 4s’s in the first weekend of its launch.

So what does this new iPhone have to do with your salon/spa business?

A lot – condensed into one word one – Siri.

Siri is Apple’s voice recognition program -technically speaking.

But it’s more than that. Siri is for the four million+ iPhone

4s’s owners an intelligent personal assistant – efficient,knowledgeable, professional, compliant, uncomplaining, and witty with a slight attitude.

She’s a “do-engine”. A “do-engine” who on command dials your office, schedules a meeting, or reminds you of an appointment. She can manage travels plans and reservations,coordinate local services,

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find and plan entertainment, purchase e-commerce goods and serve as gateway to 3000 e-commerce service APIs on the Web.

Beyond that, Siri can learn your preferences and transactional information, so that she can automate any of these transactions without user involvement

So what impact could Siri (or Iris on the Android) have on your business?

Think of it like this. Now instead of having to use your smart phone to access Google or Yahoo (search engines) when you want to find a place to get a manicure, message, haircut, facial or more – millions of people will simply ask their “do-engine”Siri “where can I get a manicure”?

And Siri will say “I’ve found a number of salons near you and give them a list of salons complete with star reviews, distance,and the ability to get map and directions.

Now wouldn’t you want your salon/spa to be at the tip of Sari’s tongue? Of course you would.

How do you do that? Stephanie Hobbs has a great article on Search Engine Land called: 3 Simple StepsTo Get Siri & Her Friends To Talk Up Your Local Business.

In her article,she recommends three steps to help you rank better with Siri recommendations:

1. Makesure your Google Places Page is accurate and complete

2. Generate positive reviews and content like photos and videos

3. Make sure your Yelp profile is accurate and complete (Yelp is one of the data sources Siri uses).

The bottom line for any salon/spa owner is to make sure you have a solid local presence – it’ll help you with your mobile efforts – which by the way is growing by leaps and bounds.

And as impressive as Siri is– it’s only the beginning.

The Five Deadliest Salon Website Sins?

Does your salon website is generate more bills from internet service providers than names of potential clients?

If it does you’ve probably committed one or more of these 5 deadly salon website sins.

Your salon website is a marketing tool and marketing the science of finding prospects and turning them into profitable clients for your business.

So it goes without saying that your website must help build your business.

But if your salon website is, like most salon websites, just another pretty billboard sitting on the side of a lightly trafficked road, it simply won’t put a dime in your pocket.

So what are the 5 deadly salon website sins?

  1. No headline to attract a visitor’s attention. Instead most salon websites just use the name of the salon and some sort of tag line. This is hardly of interest to the prospect, but a strong headline, directly aimed at the website visitor, will get their attention. Headlines that enter the conversation going on in your prospects mind will encourage her to want to learn more about your salon.
  2. No compelling offer or presentation of information they’d be interested in. Having a benefit- rich compelling offer increases your chance of obtaining their name/address in exchange for your offer.
  3. No testimonials or endorsements. You alone talking about your salon’s professionalism and the wonderful customer service, holds far less weight with website visitors than clients or third party endorsers such as the press talking about you.
  4. No multiple ways to respond. Many salon websites do not invite the prospect wanting more information to call, fax or email. A call from a
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    prospect may be a better way to move them into your chair more quickly than simply putting them into a prospective client email

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    marketing sequence.

  5. No understanding that you’re not going to make a sale on the first visit. The sale comes in time, after the relationship is built and after a continual stream of information and offers (delivered by auto responders) are designed with your particular prospect’s needs in mind.

So if you’re interested in turning your website from a line item expense to a money maker, review your site today, see if it’s making any or all of these 5 deadly sins and amend your ways.

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for my FREE ezine, for the newest trends and tips for Busy Salons. Click http://wwwbusysalons.com


How to Leverage Your Team’s Talents to Get More Salon Facebook Fans

Building your Salon’s Facebook fan base is a challenge for busy salon owners – who usually have too much to do with too little time to do it.

One solution for getting more fans is to harness the energy and talents of your employees.

Before you get going make sure your team members know the “rules of the road” for Facebook and they understand and comply with the FTC Guidelines for Adequate Disclosure (see http://www.facebook.com/SocialMediaGo?v=app_4949752878http)– if an employee posts on your Page or on any of your other social media channels they need to disclose their material relationship with your salon.

Also, provide written guidelines for posting on Facebook and using other types of social media – you owe it to yourself, your salon and your team to be clear about the do’s, don’ts and how-to’s.

Here are 10 tips on how to get more Fans to your page by involving your team members.

  1. Send
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    Team member Emails – send an introductory email letting them know all about your Salon’s FB Page. Encourage them to become Fans but don’t make it a “command performance” -Note: to get a higher

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    level of participation send your team an email sequence.

  2. Hold Contests – create contests just for your team – for example Free Pizza (or another

    fun reward) for the team if the salon hits a “Like” target within the first month.

  3. Share Page with Friends – Encourage your team to share the page with their friends and family on Facebook. The share this page is at the bottom under the left hand side of the Page. Write out specific instructions on how to do share because not every team member is as tech-savvy as we would imagine they are.
  4. Solicit Content Ideas – The more content you have on your Salon’s FB Page the better – and your team have plenty of ideas on what they’d like to see up on the salon’s page. So solicit ideas and by holding a “Content Drive”. Set up a specific email where employees can recommend content. Encourage them to send videos, photos and ideas.
  5. Create Employee Videos – Shoot a weekly or monthly video of an employee giving a testimonial as to why your salon’s a great place to work.
  6. Harness Linkedin/Twitter – have your team members let their friends know about the salon’s page by communicating through Linkedin and Twitter.
  7. Add Facebook “Like” Boxes – Add a Facebook “Like” box to the salon website and blog.
  8. Email Signatures – Get your team to add a link to the Salon Page in their email signatures. Keep it as simple as “Like me on Facebook! http://facebook.com/yourcompany”
  9. Encourage Team Member Interaction – Make sure your team knows how important it is for them to interact on the Salon Page. Let them know that commenting and liking posts on the Salon Page will increase the chances of those posts being featured in your fans’ news feeds.
  10. Conduct Social Media Training – Have a social media expert come to the salon and hold a training course for interest in learning how to use social media for personal and professional purposes.

Remember having a Salon Page with a variety of employee posts and videos makes it more attractive and authentic to others and gives it more “pulling power”.

Five Client Getting Psychological Triggers

Building a business is no easy task, but a salon owner who sticks to tried and true marketing principles will get and keep more high quality, long-term clients.

Marketing principles are based on a foundation of human behavior.

As humans we either move

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towards something that triggers a want or aspiration for us and away from those things triggering fear and frustration. (For more details I recommend Joe Sugarman’s book Triggers:30 Sales Tools You Can Use To Control the Mind of Your Prospect to Influence, Motivate and Persuade

Whether you’re marketing to lure first time guests into your salon or targeting people who have visited you before, your job is to get them to take action and do business with you.

To get people to take action, communicate with them using these five simple psychological triggers.

Trigger #1: People are naturally curious. They’ll go to great lengths to know information that other people don’t know.

Trigger #2: People are natural consumers. They like to buy. So if you take the risk away from their taking action, they’ll be much more apt to respond to your offer.

Trigger #3: People are turned off by traditional sales-based ads. They don’t want another sales pitch coming their way. They want information that is useful and will benefit them as consumers (in their quest to get a great deal). The facts are

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that people are 7 times more likely to read a traditional news oriented editorial than they are an ad.

Trigger #4: People will pay attention to things that directly affect them. If they’re tuned into the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) channel, make sure you broadcast on their frequency. For example, if someone is concerned about thinning hair, they’ll read everything they can get their hands on about it. If they’re not, they won’t read it at all.

Trigger #5: People can’t resist a free offer. It’s the oldest thing in the books – they have no risk in responding to something for free. The highest response rates are from free offers and it doesn’t look as if it’s about to change.

Each of these five triggers compels an average person to take action. Try using them to create an “advertorial” (this is a cross between editorial and advertising) that will bring in the

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type of potential long-term clients you are looking for.

Adding Special K® into Your Salon/Spa’s Marketing

The short definition of marketing is the profitable getting and keeping of good customers. So let’s be frank with one another and not pull any punches—there are a lot of salons/day spas struggling to keep the doors open.

Why? There’s a ton of reasons—but cutting through it all the single overriding reason for this struggle is their customer count is anemic…and when that happens the entire business slows down.

Look, with today’s challenging economy your salon/day spa could be, if it isn’t already, losing customer count. But all is not lost—you can reverse the trend and fortify your business.

How do you do that? By adding some Special K® into your Marketing

Just ask any nutritional expert what is the most important meal of the day and they’re bound to tell you breakfast. Why breakfast? Because eating a good breakfast provides you with the energy you need to start the day off right.

That’s why the folks at Kellogg’s created the Special K® breakfast cereal. To help you get a healthy start to the day.

Well, what does a breakfast have to do with day spa marketing? Just as a good breakfast gets you going, a good marketing plan sets the stage for your business’ success. A good plan starts with whom you do business with, which is your target market.

Let’s make that word target extra special and add a “K” to her. Let’s call her your “TARKET” a name one of my marketing mentors, Red-Hot copywriter, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, coined. She combined the words “target” and “market” together and presto, out popped the new word—“TARKET.”

So why call a target a TARKET? Simply because by using this word TARKET you’ll think and talk about your target market differently than you would by just calling her your target.

How so? While both represent your ideal or core client, the one you want to fill your chairs/rooms with, and for whom you buy products and create new services, there’s a subtle but important difference.

What’s the difference? When salon/day spa owners/managers think and describe a target market, they usually use demographic terms—age range, sex, income, marital status, children, education, etc., or geographic terms—where the core client lives or works.

While it’s important to know the demographics and geographics, two essential ingredients for your core client, there’s still another ingredient without which your marketing is guaranteed to fall flat.

That ingredient is the soul of marketing. It’s the psychographic component. It’s what the core client thinks and feels. The psychographic component brings the core client to life so to speak.

Technically both target market and a TARKET combine the three aspects of the core client—demographic, geographic, and psychographic. But only the TARKET feels like a person, while the target seems inert.

Why would it matter if an owner refers to core clients as a targets or TARKETS? Simply put, it does matter because how we think and talk about a person shapes the actions we take toward that person.

How do you create a TARKET? You take the demographic and geographic profile and then create an imaginary friend, just as you may have done when you were a kid. Then write down your description of that imaginary friend, what she thinks about, how she responds to what you’re saying, doing, etc. That imaginary friend is your TARKET.

Key to all of this is remembering that people like to be treated as people, not as numbers. They like to be talked to as people, by people, not as some faceless number by some faceless corporation. While TARKETS are the personification of people, targets tend not to be.

By using the TARKET concept, you’ve given your marketing and marketing plan the necessary first ingredient, that Special K® that’ll bring in more clients to your day spa.