Looking Out for #1

Sounds selfish? Sure it does. Putting yourself first is not something that’s advocated, especially among our crowd. People in this business tend to think of themselves as “giving” people, people who “serve” others.

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about General Motors where I think it’s unconscionable for the CEO to be looking out for #1 by creating a beautiful deal for himself while thousands of retirees and employees have a good chance of losing their pensions and jobs. Making yourself #1, the owner/manager of a small business, is hardly a crime. After all, you take the lion’s share of the risk, you’re the one who’s up at night with the “owner’s sweats.” People tend to forget that it is your house on the line, not your employees’ or clients’ houses. So there’s nothing wrong with your planning your future. How do you look out for #1 without taking anything away from anyone else?

This is a simple system that works. Follow it and you’ll automatically be looking out for #1 and not at anyone else’s expense.

How to Strengthen Your Salon’s Performance

8 key ingredients to work through any challenging environment

Are you set for competing in an a challenging small business environment that’s filled with new, tough, smart competition, and is

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becoming increasingly complex due to rules and regulations? Can you and your salon/spa hold up to the demands of today’s clients and employees? Here are eight key tactics that will help you prosper!

  1. Define your strategic objective Create the vision of your business, as it must be for you to live the way you want to live and fulfill your personal mission. Remember, your business must serve you in the fulfillment of that mission. This strategic objective will help keep you and your team focused in 2006.
  2. Define the results you want When things are tough, the tough get going. The fundamental questions don’t change; however, your intensity of focus must increase. You need to clearly define your expected results to keep you on track.
  3. Engage in strategic work There’s no getting around it, you must get results through others. In a tough business environment it’s critical you do strategic work.
  4. Systems and more systems Establish systems for every area of your business. Especially important are your financial systems. They’ll enable you to make intelligent decisions about cash flow and avoid stupid expenditures.
  5. Measure everything Make sure you know the exact quantified impact of every system, process, innovation, and marketing plan. How many clients do you need to get to cover the cost of this marketing initiative? Is every product or service contributing to the income of the company?
  6. Marketing, Marketing, and more Marketing Make sure you know who your clients are. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients and ask yourself how they see your salon/spa. How can you
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    effectively communicate with your clients on a daily basis? How can you effectively reach more of your target?

  7. Operations Remove or find ways to get around any barriers that prevent your clients from getting what they need. Always keep your promises to your clients in the most cost effective way you can.
  8. Leadership As the owner your leadership is critical. Consider what you can do as an owner to amplify the vision of your company in the eyes of your employees. Hold frequent, well-structured, regularly-scheduled salon/spa meetings for creating a stable, consistent work environment.

You are in a very challenging business environment, so keep you eyes wide open and always seek the truth. Think with clarity and purpose and make the adjustments you have to make.