Before you create your salon/spa’s plan, you’ll want to create its “strategic purpose” or as some people call it, a mission.

So what is a mission? It’s all about impact. The impact you want to have on everyone who comes into contact with your business (your constituencies):

  • Your employees
  • Your clients
  • Your vendors
  • Your lenders

Remember this is about the “experience” you want them to have of your salon/spa. Following are five steps that will lead you to your salon/spa’s strategic purpose. My advice is to create a worksheet for each of the above four categories (constituencies). Complete steps 1-4 and then proceed to step 5.

  1. Create an experience of the type of impact you want your salon/spa to have on each of the four constituencies.
  2. Describe the “feelings” your scenario evokes in you as you see this impact.
  3. Describe
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    the impact your salon/spa creates on each constituency in your scenario. What are they thinking and feeling?

  4. Choose the feelings from #2 and #3 and complete the following statement, “I want my salon/spa to make (constituency) feel…”
  5. Create a Strategic Purpose Statement that expresses the feelings, perceptions, and expectations you would like your salon/spa to create in the hearts and minds of your community and the world at large.

Note: You can do this alone or with your team. The important thing is to do it. Once it is complete, you can move on to creating a heartfelt business plan, one that works every time.