Poised for a bloody battle against an army of barbarians, Roman Legion General Maximus Decimus Meridus looked over his shoulder and sees both his beloved Emperor, Marcus Aurelius and his legion’s Roman Eagle Standard – emblazoned with the initials SPQR.

Those initials, SPQR freely translated as “The Senate and The People of Rome”, captured in a nutshell Maximus’ belief as to what he, and his well-trained and disciplined troops were fighting (and dying) for.

While you and your salon’s stylists certainly aren’t battling barbarians, you still need your own flag to rally around, a well-trained team and action plan as to how to win the game of business.

And that’s where your salon’s business growth plan comes in.

Most salon owners would rather smash themselves in the face rather than sit down and create a growth plan for their business.

To them planning their salon business’ growth is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Yet, especially at this time of year, they “know” every business (including their salon) should have a growth plan.

Unless, of course, that business is going to shut its doors.

Tragically most owners don’t spend the time doing what they know is the right thing to do for their salon – and themselves as an owner.

So Where’s the Rub?

Why aren’t they making time to map out where they’re going?

There are a number reasons why they don’t…

They believe it’s too hard is too much trouble or takes too much time
They’ve tried doing it and it hasn’t worked
They believe that even if they do it – it won’t work for them
They don’t know how to do it
They don’t know how to use a plan

Look, we all know that planning for your salon’s growth, in and of itself, won’t put one more dollar in a salon’s bank account.

Why? It’s the actions you take that ring the register (or not).

It’s Critical for Salon Growth

The act of planning, is simply getting your ideas and thoughts down on paper and organizing them so they can be communicated to your team is critically important.

A salon growth plan helps you take  “right” actions – while avoiding taking the “wrong” wasteful” ones.

Here’s The Good News!

And for those of us who hate to write there’s good news.

Believe it or not it you can do it on a single page of paper.

You don’t need a long – complicated – never to be seen again once it’s finished plan.

What salon owners need is something simple, direct and clear.

No $10 words.

You need a plan that can help move your salon ahead of where it’s at – and move you way ahead of your competition.  

Most Salon’s Are Like Ships without a Rudder – Sailing in Stormy Seas!

I’d say that over 90% of salons are operating
without a plan and, although you may not know it,
are hanging on to dear life by the skin of their teeth.storny

So you may be asking yourself “ if a business growth plan can do so much for an owner and their salon why aren’t they creating one – and using it ?

Well either they’re not reading this article because if they were they’d definitely want to create a plan.

Or maybe, unlike you, they’re just too lazy!

We both know you definitely didn’t go to beauty school to learn how to write a salon business growth plan.

Far from it.

You got into the hair business because you enjoyed being with people and wanted to make them look and feel great.

Frankly you’re a people person up on the “front line” every day – and not some “bean counter” with green eye-shades sitting in a back room somewhere – staring at numbers.

So you may be thinking that…..

Salon Owners Need This Like a  Hole in the Head!

Truth may be told, without a plan a salon owner, whether they want to admit it to themselves or not, is really lost in the brambles of business.

And as much as she feels she can do without it – and as hard as she tries to get by without one – she’s smart enough to know she needs one – especially if she wants to get out from behind the chair some day – or at least not have here salon’s bottom line depend upon her personal production.

While planning your business may look and sound scary – especially to an salon owner who’s working behind the chair – who barely has enough time in her busy day to breathe – let alone take the time to plan – in reality it’s not.

It’s Easier Than You’d Think

OK there are salon owners who, one time or another may have created a plan.

And they’ll swear up and down that  it didn’t work for them.

Odds are the plan they created was one of those “business” plans that a bank or the SBA (small business authority) insist upon before they’d consider loaning you money.

Look, those plans are simply for window dressing – filled with projections and promises that will never be looked at again once the loan has been made.

But My Salon’s Different!

And then there’s always the “but my business is different” crowd – so this as well as most solid business practices won’t work for them.

You may have even met some of those owners. They’re the type who fervently believe that the only thing that will get them over the goal line for the touchdown is by putting their nose to the grindstone and “just doing it”.

Unfortunately they never end up winning – rather they’re the ones on the proverbial hamster wheel – spinning around just “doing it doing it – doing it!”

And finally there are those who aren’t familiar with a one-page salon business growth plan.

So if they’re not familiar with it they couldn’t possibly know how to create one of these simple, clean, clear and communicable plans.

They wouldn’t be aware that these are “working” plans.

Why it Works

Why does it work?

1. Takes a complex process & makes it simple
2. Focuses your people and resources on what’s important
3. Is readily understandable by everyone in the salon
4. Gives you the consistency of getting everyone operating on the same page
5. Is flexible so that it’s easy to update and adjust according to your latest thinking.

The Five Key Components

So what are the components of a One Page Salon Business Growth Blue Print

There are five sections:

1. The Vision
2. The Mission
3. The Objectives
4. The Strategies
5. The Plans

The Answers Lie in Your Questions

In each section there’s a question you’ll want to answer.

Section         Question
Vision What are you building?
Mission Why does this salon exist?
Objectives What will you measure?
Strategies How will this salon be built? What will make this salon successful over time?
Plans What specific projects or actions will we take this year to achieve the objectives?


Probably the best way to understand what I’m writing about is to see what an actual plan looks like.

So check out this year’s plan from one of my coaching clients. Click here to download.

Now go ahead and make your own plan for 2016 now.

Once you’ve finished you’ll have a tool that’s second to none it helping you move your salon forward.

Stay tuned for more information on my upcoming free webinar where I’ll share with you exactly what you need to do to create a powerful One Page Salon Growth Plan for 2016.  Webinar details coming soon!

“Great leadership does not mean running away from reality. Sometimes the hard truths might just demoralize the company, but at other times sharing difficulties can inspire people to take action that will make the situation better.” – John Kotter

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