Walking down the street I heard someone call out my name – Andrew! Andrew!…

I stopped and looked around to see who was calling me, only to see out of the corner of my eye a young mother chasing after her young son who had dashed into the cross-walk against the light.

Seeing that I kept walking and went back to whatever was on my mind at the time

The sweetest sound to anyone’s ears is the sound of

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their own name

That’s just how things are – and it’s an important thing for marketers, to know,

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remember and use in their never ending quest to get someone’s attention.

So how do you use someone’s name to get their attention? In any number of ways including: in email or any other correspondence, during every part of a retail interaction including at the arrival, during the service, at the checkout and departure.

If you have a problem remembering someone’s name, use the prompts that are available to you or if you really want to go the full nine yards and improve your memory so that you can remember everyone’s name you meet go to www.luminosity.com