Gotcha! You’re out of line! Says who? Why Gotham City’s government of course. They create rules for just about everything here in New York City — as any small business owner knows — you need a license for this, a permit for that — and even a $1000.00 fine for having a dog in a beauty salon!

New York City’s one of the most highly regulated city in this country. From soda to smoking, the government tries to control the behavior of its citizens.

Things have gotten to a point where it feels like there’s a city employee lurking behind every lamppost – ready to slap you with a summons or fine the moment you make a misstep.

So I try to mind my own business and was doing exactly that this Saturday morning while taking a walk down Madison Avenue with my wife.

As we approached 79th Street my wife looked across the intersection and asked me “isn’t that Mayor Bloomberg on the other side of the street?”

And sure enough it was. His Honor, who lives around the corner from where we were, casually dressed in khakis and a sports shirt accompanied by two big men

in black – obviously his body guards.

As the light turned green we started to cross the street – in the cross walk of course! The Mayor started to do the same but suddenly stepped out of the cross walk and jaywalked across the street – a minor violation of the law but a violation none the less.

Wouldn’t you know, no city employee jumped out from behind a post-box to slap his honor with a scofflaw!

Besides the men in black, the only people around who witnessed the Mayor’s missteps were me and my wife.

So doing my civic duty I shouted out:

“Hey Mister Mayor – next time how about crossing in the cross walk! Gottcha!”