Ah it’s New Year’s Resolutions time or as Nixa DeBellis, my yoga teacher extraordinaire says it’s New Year’s “Re-Solution” time.

So whether you say Resolution and I say Re-Solution we’re not going to call the whole thing off in 2013.  Simply put, this year, just like the past fifteen years, I have two Resolutions. But this year I have added a “Re-Solution” to these.

Why a “Re-Solution”? Because we live in a world with unlimited possibilities – where we can “hang out” with virtually anyone. But in a world of unlimited possibilities, my energy can be dissipated if I’m spreading myself too thin. So this “Re-Solution” takes care of that.

So let me start with the Resolutions.

Resolution #1 – To help salon owners take their salons and lives to “the next level”.

Resolution #2 – To live my life by living my “Primary Aim”

   “To Be a Warrior – To Live with Courage and Conviction, To Give Unconditionally and To Accept with Love, Humility and Grace

And now for my 2013 “Re-Solution”

To coach (either 1:1 or in my groups) only those people who “have the fire in their bellies” – who “really and truly” want to take their salons and lives to the next level and will prove to me (and themselves) that they’re for real in their desire.

And exactly how will they show me (and themselves in turn)?

By “doing” the work that it takes to get there – in other words – no “slackers wanted here”.

Why?  Because life’s too short for anything less!

 To Life!


BTW…For those of you who have read, studied use the system of one of my main mentors Michael Gerber (author of The E-Myth Revisited – Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It”) you’ll undoubtedly understand what Primary Aim means.  For those of you who know it don’t I highly recommend you check it out.