Stanley Marcus – founder of legendary specialty store  Neiman Marcus , wrote a book titled “Who’s Minding The Store?”

It’s a must read book for any salon owner -especially those who are involved with today’s luxury client.

And I think the top brass at Neiman Marcus (owners of Berdorf Gooman) if they haven’t read the book should – as well as make it required reading for every associate.


Because today’s retailers (including salons) have to be better than ever when it comes to every aspect of business.

 So last week when I walked into Bergdorf Goodman – New York City’s iconic specialty store for women – to check out the recently renovated ground floor jewelry department floor, I was stunned.

While the renovation was gorgeous- it was a perfect showcase for the jewelry that’s worth millions – yet the people who were selling it didn’t look like a million dollars.

They weren’t wearing uniforms – so left to their own devices the sales help wore what they thought was appropriate – and while some of them at least looked neat and clean others left a lot to be desired.

And as if how the people looked wasn’t enough I couldn’t help but notice a large tissue that someone had dropped, on the gorgeous marble floor – right under one of the jewelry counters.

It registered with me but heck people drop things on floors all the time so it’s not indicative of how the store’s floor is being run.

 I hopped upstairs to look at the rest of the store – and returned forty-five minutes later to the to the jewelry department, from where I’d exit the store.

As I pushed the door open, I glanced back at and lo and behold, lying on the floor, exactly where it had been earlier was the same piece of tissue.

All I could think of was “Who’s Minding the Store?”

To Life!

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