“The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” —anonymous—

Sometimes we make things way too complicated. You know I’m not suggesting it’s a breeze to run a salon/spa because we both know it’s not. However, when it comes to marketing results, most salons/spas are not getting the new clients the marketing efforts are designed to get. Why? Could it be that our marketing strategy is out of alignment with where our customers are really coming from? Doesn’t it go without saying that until we know exactly where and why people are coming to us, we won’t be able to focus our marketing. Without a laser focus, we both spend too much of our precious resources, namely time, money, and energy in all the wrong places. What’s the best, easiest, and simplest way to align our salon/ spa’s marketing to produce optimum results? Follow these three steps to get your business to soar higher than ever. Step 1: Just Ask! Ask your clients the “Million Dollar Question.” Simple isn’t it? Want

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to learn how most of your clients have learned about your business and what motivated them to come to you? Simply ask them, “What compelled you to come to us the first time.” By asking this question you’ll discover the pathway that brought them to your door. Plus, there’s an additional benefit to doing this. They’ll feel special that you asked them. After all, everyone wants to feel special. Step 2: Be a “marketing Sherlock Holmes.” Look carefully at the answers. Write down all the responses to your question (you may want to have the clients fill out a simple questionnaire). Evaluate the answers. Are there some recurring themes? Did some people pop in because they were clients of the dry-cleaner next door? Did they learn about the salon because a friend told them? If it’s a regular client, what specific things remind them to come back? I’m sure you’ll discover the power of referrals. It could be that 80-90% of your clients come to you from referrals. Then take a moment and ask yourself this. What system do you have in place to actively stimulate referrals? Truth be told, less than 20% of salons have referral systems in place. So just imagine the possibilities. For now, let’s not jump the gun and assume anything. Just follow the bouncing ball and go through the exercise step-by-step. Step 3: Focus your marketing efforts to soar higher than ever. If you find that majority of your business is coming from places other than where you are spending your money, time, effort and energy, redirect your marketing. You want to put the resources where you get the “biggest bang for the buck.” If people are coming to you because of direct marketing, then take the money you may be spending in local newspaper advertising and put it into your direct marketing. Concentrate your resources so you’ll maximize your level of marketing effectiveness.