Sounds selfish? Sure it does. Putting yourself first is not something that’s advocated, especially among our crowd. People in this business tend to think of themselves as “giving” people, people who “serve” others.

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about General Motors where I think it’s unconscionable for the CEO to be looking out for #1 by creating a beautiful deal for himself while thousands of retirees and employees have a good chance of losing their pensions and jobs. Making yourself #1, the owner/manager of a small business, is hardly a crime. After all, you take the lion’s share of the risk, you’re the one who’s up at night with the “owner’s sweats.” People tend to forget that it is your house on the line, not your employees’ or clients’ houses. So there’s nothing wrong with your planning your future. How do you look out for #1 without taking anything away from anyone else?

This is a simple system that works. Follow it and you’ll automatically be looking out for #1 and not at anyone else’s expense.