Do you want to be the best leader for your salon/day spa? If so, you’ll need to craft a salon/day spa road map. However, before you craft your road map, you’ve got to first figure out your Personal Mission.

After all, you’re the leader of the pack and running your life is very important business. Viewed this way, your salon/day spa becomes a vehicle to bring more life and energy into the lives of your employees, clients, vendors, and lenders. We just need to know what type of fuel the business has to pump into each of those groups to keep them up and running. Let’s go back to your Personal Mission. It comes in handy because it charts the course for your life’s direction, and is a very useful tool to help you

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make decisions in both your business and personal life. You prosper best physically, financially, spiritually, and emotionally when the decisions you make are in alignment with your values, with what matters most. Your Personal Mission allows you to keep those values and goals in the forefront of your mind.Thus, the things that truly matter most will govern your everyday actions and behaviors. Your Personal Mission allows you to live a productive, harmonious life. Following is a step-by-step procedure for creating your Personal Mission. Let’s begin.

  • Set aside some uninterruptible time for yourself. Make sure your environment is comfortable and you have a few sheets of paper and pen available.
  • List what you DON’T WANT in your life on the first sheet of paper. (Hint: Do not edit yourself; just write down anything that comes into your head.)
  • Review your DON’T WANT list, notice how you feel (not think) about it and circle the top 5 or 6 items.
  • List what you DO WANT on a second sheet of paper. (Hint: These are not things such as a new Mercedes Benz [we’ll get to that later on]. These are your values and feelings.)
  • Review your DO WANT list, notice how you feel (not think) about it and circle the top 5 or 6 items you most want in your life.
  • Imagine you have lived a fulfilling, rewarding life and it’s now your 80th birthday. Your friends, family, professional colleagues, and those from the community have gathered to celebrate with you and pay you tribute. What would you like them to say? List each of your life’s roles (business owner, parent, church member, spouse, etc.) and imagine a person playing tribute to you in each of those roles. Then write down what would you like each of them to say?
  • Write a short statement (a couple of sentences at most) that best expresses what you’d like your life to be all about.
  • Put your writing down for a few minutes and walk away from it.
  • Review what you have written. What do you want to keep? What do you want to refine?
  • Refine this first draft of your Personal Mission.
  • Once you feel comfortable with it, put it in a place where you can see it every day
  • Refer to it daily and reflect on how your daily activities are in concert with your Personal Mission.

As for your new Mercedes Benz—it’s an example of a personal objective or goal. These personal objectives or goals are things that you want to bring into your life over a specified period of time. You’ll want to create a list of personal objectives (the pieces of the puzzle) as they go hand in hand with your Personal Mission (the key to putting the puzzle together).