In marketing “God lives in the details”.

The same holds true in running a successful salon.

And top-tier salon owners know it.

They realize that the journey is more than their stylists’ giving a great cut or color – it’s each and every “moment of truth” where the client is impacted (from the greeting to the check-out and follow-up) that makes up a client’s experience of the salon.

And it’s the client’s “memory” of the salon (the good as well as the bad) that determines whether or not she comes back again – and what story she tells – to herself and to others.
Your salon story is in your client’s brain.

In the recesses of our brain there’s a region called the medial temporal lobe – an area crucial for our memory formation.

And in that region, our brain’s neurons (brain cells specialized to transmit information throughout the body) think microchips of a computer –  process information.

It’s been assumed that our five senses (taste, sight, smell, sound and touch) were responsible for creating our picture of the world – for creating our memory.

However recently, when Caltech scientists, conducted an experiment using very precise electrodes to record the firing patterns of individual neurons that assumption has been turned on its head.

Why? Because in that experiment, where participants were shown hundreds of pictures of people, animals and buildings – certain neurons were consistently fired in response to a certain person.

Certain neurons were fired in response to pictures of
Bill Clinton, Michael Jordon and Jennifer Aniston.  aniston-hair

 You could hear only crickets from pictures of Julia Roberts

The so-call Jennifer Aniston neuron fired in response to lots of different photographs of her – yet were silent in response to shots of other personalities like Julia Roberts.

So we now know that our brains neurons not only acquire information through the five senses but also can find patterns, make judgments and contemplate decisions.

Recently researchers conducted a similar experiment with other celebrities.

In one trial, volunteers were exposed to the concept of “Luke Skywalker” – using completely different representations (pictures of Mark Hamill, the written words “Luke Skywalker” and even the character’s spoken name) – representations that are dependent on separate brain pathways.

The result? The same set of neurons was exclusively activated by all three representations – yet Leonardo DeCaprio and other celebrities couldn’t activate the “Luke Skywalker” Neuron.

Not surprisingly Yoda’s picture fired the “Luke Skywalker” Neuron too!

And those memories had people rushing to see Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens – to the tune of $2 billion+ in worldwide box-office sales.

How our Brains are Wired

While our brains compile an immeasurable amount of information (they’re wired to analyze five simultaneous sensory streams – each with a different circuit) – at the end of the day, as scientists have discovered – there’s a system to construct concepts and build meaning from all that onslaught of information.

Leave the right salon story in your clients’ minds

You can positively impact your salon’s story – the one you want your client to have in her mind.

How do you do that?

First by mapping out her journey as it presently exists, (warts and all) and then mapping out the journey, as you’d want it to be.

The difference between the two journeys is called “the gap”. And once you see the gap you can start to fill it step by step – so you can fire off your salon’s neuron in your client’s brain.

To help you do this download this FREE Customer Journey Template  – make two copies and “get to work”!

(This article was inspired by a New York Post article, written by Eliezer Sternberg author of “Neurologic: The Brain’s Hidden Rationale Behind our Irrational Behavior” to read more click here


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