To many hairstylists and salon owners it sure may look that way. How else could Johnny and Anh have booked what they booked – 3000 miles away from their salon – in new York city – with its more that 5000+ salons? 

They’re using Instagram everyday to touch tens of thousands of people – and stimulating their brains with a brief neurological “excitement” with each interaction. Instagram Excites the Neurons in Our Brain. And when our brain gets that pulse of “excitement” it wants more! So johnny and Anh give it to them – by posting EVERYDAY!

How to Make Instagram Your Salon’s Social Star

  1. Get an Instagram Account– Simply download the Instagram app (iOS, Android or Windows), tap to open and follow the instructions (you can also tap Log In with Facebook to sign up with your Facebook account). 
  2. Do your “hair homework” – Find out where the market (including your clients) is looking for hair ideas and inspiration.  Allure’s The 7 Best Instagram Accounts For Major Hair Inspirationis a great place to start. 
  3. Enroll Your Team – Meet with your team to discuss how you’ll be using Instagram as a salon to help fill the chairs.  share what you’ve seen and learned from your research.  Remember that while your team members may already be using Instagram, odds are they’re not using it as a strategic business building tool.  Involve as many people on your team in the Instagram project by getting ideas from the team as to what to post.

You Don’t Have to “Reinvent” the Wheel!

The formula for success is having content like:
  • Before and After Pictures (always a winner)
  • Timely Posts (Prom/Mother’s Day etc…)
  • Upcoming Deals or Events

Post your content consistently! Give the team tips on how to take great Instagram photos with a phone.  For example:

  1. Get closer rather than zooming in.  Instead of relying on the smartphone’s zoom function to give you good results, take a couple of steps forward yourself. 
  2. Take more than one photo and from different angles.  You don’t have to use them all, it’s just better to have a selection. 
  3. Use a plain background – a white walk works best. 
  4. Check your focus – Make sure you tap the screen to get the camera to automatically focus (before you take the picture). 
  5. Get clients to smile! – There are loads of YouTube videos including “Tips of Posing for Photos”
Choose an Instagram Marketing Co-ordinator 

If you’re not going to be the one who’s either doing the actual photos, editing or posing you’ll want to make sure that your “Salon Instagram System” is always working.  So find someone on your team who is willing to be accountable for it. 

Create an Instagram Posting Schedule (and stick to it!) 

Key to Instagram (or any marketing for that matter) is consistency.  So create and post an Instagram Posting Schedule (it can be part of your social media calendar).  And remember to always be on the lookout for Instagram “winning” opportunities – notice who’s coming into the salon (and involve the front desk too!)Try photographing a couple of clients everyday.  Sometimes it takes a few food ones to get a “great one”.

Keep Control of the Salon’s “Image” 

Before posting make your pictures look better by using apps.  Popular ones are:

  • Overgram – Add text like words ie: “Before” and “After”
  • Facetune – Fix up blemishes (pimples, red-eye etc…)
  • PicFrame – Showcase your photos in frames (if you like that look)
  • Aviary – Edit your photos by cropping and coloring
  • Afterlight – Add filters to your photos
Just Do It!

The only way that Instagram will work for your salon is if you work it. So just do it!  

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