How Front Desk Gossip Can Kill Your Salon

In 1942, right after we got into WWII, the German’s submarines (U-Boats) were sinking tons of our ships - right off our coast line - sending men and materiel to the bottom of the sea.Our country was filled with enemy agents (and sympathizers) who were trained to...

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7 Facebook for Salons Business Tips

Focus on FacebookYes there are other social media platforms that you can use besides Facebook - but focusing on one (in this case Facebook) will help you crush your competition (they’re sure to be spread all over the place).Optimize Your Salon’s Facebook ProfileTo be...

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How a Jennifer Aniston Neuron Can Help Your Salon Business Grow

In marketing “God lives in the details”.The same holds true in running a successful salon.And top-tier salon owners know it.They realize that the journey is more than their stylists’ giving a great cut or color - it’s each and every “moment of truth” where the client...

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Who’s Minding the Store?

Stanley Marcus - founder of legendary specialty store  Neiman Marcus , wrote a book titled “Who’s Minding The Store?”It’s a must read book for any salon owner -especially those who are involved with today’s luxury client.And I think the top brass at Neiman Marcus...

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How “Toxic” Workers Can Strangle Your Salon

It’s no secret - toxic people in your salon not only destroy morale and cause good employees to leave, they eventually even kill your business.So exactly what is a “toxic worker”?"It’s someone who engages in behavior that is harmful to an organization." -- Harvard...

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What Happened to Brooks Brothers?

I couldn’t believe my ears the other day when I overheard one of the  sales people at a branch of the “fabled” Brooks Brothers say to his colleague “I can’t wait to get the f_ _ _ out of here”.  And that was only the beginning of what may have been the worst customer...

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The Owner’s Antidote to Salon Marketing Stagnation

Every time I hear the phrase “hairdresser’s can’t sell retail” I have the same reaction.No matter if those words come out of the mouth of a manufacturer, a distributor, a salon owner or a hairstylist.  I want to say the same thing. Ever meet a salon owner (at least...

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The new IPad Plus!

I’m totally infatuated with Apples’ new iPad Plus. Not only is it big, bright and beautiful but you can actually write on it!And to an “analogue” type of guy (I love using pen) the iPad Plus with its pencil seems like a dream come true.So while I was recently in Grand...

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How to Prevent Your Salon from Losing Money in 2016

Poised for a bloody battle against an army of barbarians, Roman Legion General Maximus Decimus Meridus looked over his shoulder and sees both his beloved Emperor, Marcus Aurelius and his legion’s Roman Eagle Standard - emblazoned with the initials SPQR.Those initials,...

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Primary Aim

"You are the silver bullet." - Tanya GeislerSanta Rosa, California May 20,1998  It was early morning - just before the start of the third day of a 5 day intensive training to become one of Michael Gerber’s (author of the E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses...

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