As the economic headwinds are howling – bringing higher taxes, unemployment and mountains of red tape – too many salon owners feel shaky about their business.

With retailers having their weakest holiday season since 2008 (sales up 0.7%) it’s no wonder they feel this way. And this feeling, stemming from a combination of being bombarded by bad news leads to uncertainty, and that uncertainty, over time, weighs down on you, and from that weight and accompanying worry you can develop a case of “Salonstoriss”.

So what is Salonstoriss? It’s a mental condition where flat sales and shrinking profits leads owners to throw up their hands in frustration – exclaiming “what should I do now because nothing that we’re trying seems to be working anymore?”

And what they end up doing is very little – if anything at all. They simply wait for things to happen rather than make things happen. The worst part about Salonstoriss, is that it spreads like a virus, infiltrating your mindset – resulting in slowed down business decisions and action taking.

Unfortunately in today’s world where speed is a key component to business success – Salontsoriss will gradually and painfully put a salon out of business. And next to the loss of a loved one, or the breakup of a committed relationship, the loss of a business is the most painful experiences an owner can have.

Fortunately there is an antidote and it’s available – free of charge.

Why free of charge? Because all it takes is a shift in your thinking and then some elbow grease (the actions you take as a result of your new mindset).

So what do I mean by “shift in your thinking”? It’s all about taking a clear look and the actions you take as a result of that thinking pertaining to:

     1. Yourself as a salon owner
     2. Your salon
     3. Your employees
     4. Your clients

Now you may be asking yourself questions like “how do I take a clear look?” and “what type of actions should I be moving towards that will bring me and my salon to the next level?”

Those answers are contained in my free download Busy Salon’s ‘Point of View in Action”. So click here to grab it right now. Then book some time (a half an hour should do it) and fill out the form.

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