Take one enthusiastic hairstylist, give them the right training – technical, retail and service – and put them on the floor.

With that type of training any stylist should become a productive stylist: one who does great work, sells a ton of retail and rebooks clients left right and center. Oh and let’s throw in that they’re a team player to boot.

Right? Well there’s a chance things may work out that way. But don’t count on it.

So why shouldn’t you count on it? You shouldn’t count on it because there’s another important ingredient to this “stylist success formula” that’s missing.

Your team-members need your feedback

She needs to know how’s she’s doing – and it can’t be simply an annual review thing. Why?

Because your stylists, and other salon team-members need constant and consistent feedback – constant in its frequency and consistent in content. And annual reviews just don’t cut the mustard.

If an annual review (once per year) really doesn’t help increase productivity then what does? And how often should we do it?

Just like Cindy (the salon owner mentioned in the E-zine’s introduction) I recommend that you/or an appointed manager, sit with every team member every week and do a short review meeting – of what occurred the previous week – both quantitatively (some key numbers) and qualitatively (how are they “doing”)

Think of a review as a “tune-up”

And just like a tune-up the more frequently you spend sharing the person’s performance with them – the better they’ll perform.

So why would a weekly review of an individual’s performance help them perform better and in turn help your salon to do better?

Because a weekly review is based on a simple principle:

  • What gets measured (looked at) gets done.
  • What gets feedback, gets done well.
  • What gets done well gets rewarded.
  • What gets rewarded, gets repeated.

Now couldn’t you review your team members say once a month rather than every week?

Of course you can, and frankly for most salons once a month would be a huge step forward.

Just a word of caution a monthly pattern is more likely to be disrupted and pushed back than a daily pattern.

It’s like the difference between brushing your teeth and going to visit the dentist. Both are important for the health of your teeth – but the odds of you cancelling your dentist appointment are far greater.

Does this “tune-up” take the place of an annual review? It can, but if you have an annual review system in place keep it – because that where you may give increases in compensation and or handle other things that will not be part of the weekly session.

But won’t it be hard to set up all these appointments? After all I’m busy and so are my team members.

Just like Cindy said – this isn’t easy – at least at first. But was learning to cut hair using a precise technique easy for you at first?

The good news is you have control over your time (if you want to). You also have “control” over the book.

So given those two factors, you can book “standing” 15 minute

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appointments with your team members.

15 minutes is more than enough time

15 minutes is plenty of time to cover what I recommend you cover in this weekly review.

You’ll probably be able to do it in 5-7 minutes, certainly less than 10.

And what would you say in that short session that would make a difference? You want to keep things short and sweet – but to the point and give your team member the opportunity to talk. Below is a format designed to do that. Feel free to adopt it to what works for you.

However, make sure to include these specific measurements and indicators:

The “Seven” Minute Tune Up for Salons

  1. 2-5 minutes: What’s up. Specifics about the team member’s accomplishments, or updates on what’s new
  2. 2-5 minutes: Weekly measurements/indicators – week before and goals for this week
  3. 2-5 minutes: Where are you stuck? What’s
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    the bottleneck? What can be done about it? How can I help?

So take that enthusiastic hairstylist and help keep their enthusiasm going – for themselves, for their clients, and for your salon.

This is why I prefer the Einstein attributed quote “Not everything that matters can be measured and not everything that is measured matters”

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