Savvy salon owners know that being a wizard with the scissors is not enough to bring salon success – they have to be a salon-marketing wizard too! 

While most salons are owned/operated by hairdressers who still work behind the chair, there are owners who no longer do as well as those who never did.

But mastering the technical part of the business while nice is not something necessary for knowing how to market the salon so that it gets and keeps more high quality clients.  

To be a salon-marketing wizard you must know how to communicate to your target audience – to both clients and prospective clients so that they will take the action you want them to take. And depending upon where the person is in relationship to you the action or next step you want them to take may vary. For example you may want your target

  • to try your salon for the first time,
  • to comeback to salon for another vist
  • to subscribe to a newsletter 
  • to refer a friend or 
  • to order a product 

But no matter what that next step is you’ll want to have your audio logo in your salon marketing toolkit.

So what’s an audio logo? It’s a sentence or two that captures the essence of what you and/or your business does. Think of it as your logo in words. And why do you need an audio logo? Simply because it helps you and your people get the target’s immediate attention and get them to engage with you rather than politely acknowledge you or even ignore you and your message.

Your audio logo will get someone asking you the question “please tell me more” and “please tell me more” gives you permission to take them another step  towards building a lasting and mutually rewarding relationship.

But if you’re like most salon owners you’re busy with little time to spare- and  learning how to be a marketing wizard takes time. Having said that you can still be a sorcerer’s apprentice by using templates and other marketing tools to learn the whys and wherefores of the science of marketing.

This week’s ezine gives you a six step marketing template for writing your audio logo.

Step 1 – Identify your Target Market

Simply put – for your message to be successful, it must reach the people you want as clients. So first describe whom you work with first – this helps your audience know what you offer is for them or they can easily identify other people who fit the description.

Example: “You know how some salon owners went into business because they were really good at cutting, color or styling and their clients loved them…”

Step 2 – Describe the Problem

Here you’ll articulate the problem your target market experiences in a way that’s meaningful to them.

“And what they found was the business of beauty involves a lot more that just being a good technician or people person…”

Step 3 – Explain the Predicament

Now describe the situation/pain your target is in as a result of living with that problem.

“So while they’ve got a lot of creative juice, they get overwhelmed by the minutia of running the business, and what began as a labor of love turns into a drag.”

Step 4 – Describe the Solution

Once you’ve identified and described your target’s problem your next step is to present your solution.

That’s where we come in. We work with professional beauty business owners just like you…”

Step 5 – Explain the benefits

Remember people are run by their emotions. To make your message more “emotionally charged” describe how clients typically benefit from your solution.

“To help them get to a place where they’re getting more clients, making more money, working smarter and enjoying the heck out of their business. After we’ve worked together my clients always tell me the difference is amazing.

Step 6 – Why You

Why should your prospects use you? What make your business different or unique from others who might offer similar services. To make this part brief, palatable and relevant, present your information in a way that emphasizes your expertise in the area you are offering your services.

“Well what makes us different is our more than 25 years of salon business success but also that we guarantee the results of our marketing programs that help them get and keep more clients thus creating more profits, productivity and prosperity.”

Remember you can use this six-step marketing formula for creating letters, emails as well as other marketing communications.

So be a salon marketing sorcerer’s apprentice and click here to get a free copy of your audio logo template.