Savvy Salon owners bring new clients through their doors by using different marketing methods – referrals from friends and family, Google ads, Facebook Pages and Ads, Yelp reviews, and salon window displays just to name a few.

Some of these marketing methods cost more money than others
While some marketing methods cost more money than others, sometimes those more “expensive” ways give you much better results than other less costly methods. No matter what marketing method you choose

Your salon must have an ongoing new salon client marketing system

And every component of the system, whether working separately and/or combined with others has one mission – to get you new clients.
Why? You need new clients so that your salon doesn’t decline –let alone move ahead.

You need new clients if only to replace those clients who have left the salon because of “organic” client attrition (clients move, financial or family circumstances change etc.). But that’s not enough. You also need new clients to grow the salon.

Savvy salon owners also know there’s part 2 to a salon’s marketing system

And this second part also has a mission. The mission is to help increase a salon’s new client retention rate (national average is about 30%). And the mission starts by immediately reconnecting with a client after the first visit – and takes it away from there. All the pieces of salon client follow-up are part of this system.

The salon client “follow-up” system

The “follow-up system” uses mostly phone calls and emails as tools. And the best follow up systems are designed so that you pull these tools out of the toolbox sequentially.

For example one day after a client visits make a “just checking to see if you liked everything” phone call. Then five days later an email with another message – you get the picture.

Most salons today use email to communicate with clients

While salons use email all the time when trying to connect and/or reconnect with clients

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(they’re now competing for a client’s attention with those 147 emails the average person gets everyday) – they’re leaving the one true power-tool they have in their marketing toolbox – unplugged.

And it’s the one, when plugged in gives you the best chance to communicate with your clients when they’re not in your chair.

“Snail Mail” does work – when you work it.

So what is “Snail Mail”? “Snail Mail” is a term that describes messages on paper (letters or postcards) by traditional delivery services (mostly the Post Office

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– USPS).

To be sure “Snail Mail” is expensive – way more expensive when compared the cost of sending an email or calling someone. But as expensive as it is “Snail Mail” gets the job done for you.

It delivers the message – way more effectively than other methods do. And it’s effectiveness that you’re looking for when communicating your message. Why?

You’ve got to break through to clients

You’ve got to break through the marketing clutter (past as well as present) that you can deliver to clients (past as well as present) what they’re looking for

And “Snail Mail” can get your message across.

How does “Snail Mail” do it? It does it by being dressed up in a certain way – with an envelope that has a handwritten address and a regular stamp. Why those two things? Why not just use a label and/or a postage meter – aren’t they much cheaper? Yes, you’re right they are. But here’s the rub…

You want to give your communications the best chance of working

To give your communications the best chance of working you’ll want to do it like one of my mentors, Michael Gerber, (author of the E-Myth) says – you’ve got to go “whole hog and the postage”.

Going “whole hog and the postage” gives you that chance. Why? Because of what people do when they get “snail mail” – which they still get a ton of (over 7 billion greeting cards alone were sold last year – 22 for every man/woman or child in the country).

There’s a process people follow with “Snail Mail”

When people get their mail they sort it (first in the minds and then physically) into three groups:

The A ’s – personal mail (including yours if it’s both hand addressed and stamped)
The B’s – bills and other “official looking” correspondence
The C’s – junk mail

After sorting they next dump the “C’s” into the garbage.

Then they open “A’s” – and just like magic – your message has been delivered.
OK it’s cost you .50 cents or even a $1.00 just to get your message delivered.

Now Your Message has to Go To Work

The messages mission is to get that person to the action you want them to take – the action of coming into your salon again. And if you write the message in a certain way, just like you’ve sent it in a certain way, you’re increasing your odds of seeing them again.

A well-crafted letter increases the chances of getting results

It increases the odds that the person who you’ve sent it to will either pick up the phone or go online and book an appointment with you.

Mission accomplished – you’ve brought the client back to your salon.

P.S. What’s that worth to your business? What’s the value getting a client into your salon’s chair again?

P.P.S While I wont’ say it’s “priceless” I do know the lifetime value of a salon client is considerable (the $ amount depends on your salon’s particular prices/services).

We’ll just have to leave that for another E-zine.

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