How could a successful salon/spa owner jeopardize her business’s future – with just one slip of the lip? Easier than you think – especially in today’s world where social media rules the day.

Being a salon owner (or an owner of any small business) tests our patience (and customer service skills) – even on the best of days. But it’s particularly stressful when a client’s kid is crying right in the middle of your salon – and it’s a busy Saturday (of a holiday weekend). In the service business there simply is never a good time to lose your cool – Because if you lose it, the heat could be turned on so high you could lose your business.

So how is this possible?

With Facebook and other social media outlets putting power in the hands of your clients – they can make you or break you.

That’s what happened to M Spa Salon & Day Spa when on Saturday May 25th owner Michelle Mott slipped up click here for the full story.

What occurred next could only be described as a salon stoning – on Facebook.

And here’s where Michelle – probably scared out of her wits when she saw the speed at

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which this Facebook Fan Fury became a virtual Tsunami – she ran for cover and took down the Salon’s Facebook Page, failed to offer a response for more than two days after the original post, used her lawyer as a spokesperson, and had the lawyer defend her actions – rather than offering an apology (which finally came on Thursday).

So as a salon owner stay as cool as you possibly can – and if your salon is caught somehow in a social media tsunami – try to stay cool, calm and composed as best you can– and respond quickly and positively.

And for heaven’s sake don’t get your attorney involved on the web.