It goes without saying that salons guarantee their work – after-all if a client is unhappy they’ll do their best to make whatever is “wrong” – right. But is that guarantee anywhere on salon’s price menu or list – even in the fine print? Probably not, despite it’s being a very smart business.

So What’s a Salon Guarantee?

A salon guarantee is an upfront promise to a client that any service on the salon’s menu – be it hair color, hair cuts, manicures, pedicures or facials – or product she purchases from the salon – is going to be to a client’s “liking”.

When it comes to services, the guarantee is simple: if the client doesn’t “like” what she had done, she can always come back (free of charge) and get it re-done and re-done until she’s satisfied with her result.

And with products bought for use at home the guarantee is similar – if you’re not happy with the product then bring it back and we’ll find you something you’ll like – and the only question we’ll ask you is if you have your receipt.

That’s Coming From a Place of Trust & Caring

So how does the guarantee work? Naturally that depends upon the salon and on the particular type of work they do. But generally the salon determines a window of time for each of the services and then stipulates when the client should return to the salon to get the work re-done. For example they may say that the client may not take more than 7 days to report a haircut they’re unhappy about or 10 days for a color.

But Why Even Bother to Guarantee Your Work?

Isn’t it more of a problem than it’s worth? After all isn’t guaranteeing a service like a haircut – so subjective? The client may not like the cut while you think it looks terrific. Somehow it feels a world apart from other guarantees such as your plumber makes (the old 90 days labor and parts). And it is.

But just like these other businesses that guarantee their work, a salon wants its clients to be happy with its services and products. Happy so that it can retain them, happy so that they can tell their family, friends and colleagues about your business. And it doesn’t matter whether she’s a “regular” or a first timer.

Social Media Gives Blabber Mouths a Big Platform.

As a salon owner you simply don’t want them to go blabber mouthing to the world about your business. One person tells at least twenty others about a bad experience – and that’s the old fashioned way.

With social sites like Yelp, and Facebook at your client’s fingertips blabber mouthing is easy – and one unhappy client can spread the word like wildfire to hundreds of others.

You Want Your Clients to Be Close to You.

Your guarantee helps to lasso any unhappy customers and bring them back into your chair. And in doing that it separates a salon out from the crowd. Because most salons while they profess to care, when push comes to shove, they won’t guarantee their services and products. Why? Because, as opposed to a salon that does, they’re afraid of the cost of the re-do, afraid of the cost of replacing product.

They’re also afraid that clients will take advantage of them.

The salon that guarantees its services and products is one that’s quietly confident about

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itself and its expertise – and the confidence that lies in your guarantee is a magnet that not only attracts clients but gives a sense of security – a feeling that only comes when someone deals with an expert who knows what she’s doing.

And How Do You Tell Clients About Your Guarantee?

You tell them visually by putting your guarantee on all your marketing materials:

  • Website
  • The salon welcome packet
  • Business cards
  • Retail shelves
  • Shopping bag stuffers
  • Dressing rooms
  • Station place cards
  • Banded on your retail products

And you communicate by telling them about it in:

  • Salon’s consultation
  • Telephone scripts.

But as strong as your guarantee may be – it may not be good enough for some.
Those people who insist on getting their money back.

So what do you do? If you’ve done everything in your power short of giving them their money back and they’re still not happy – give them their money back. After all your entire guarantee is about your client’s happiness.

But you can also make a mistake in refunding money.

You can make a mistake in not giving a client her money back promptly when, after exhausting all other possibilities, you finally agreed to do the refund.

What happens is instead of making the refund and moving on, you now not only become a salon that does lousy hair, but also one that doesn’t honor its word. You’ve just compounded an already thorny problem.

A Salon Guarantee Boosts Client Confidence

In summary a guarantee is a powerful marketing tool. After all, when we think about it, doesn’t a salon guarantee its work without an “official guarantee” in place? So why not leverage something that’s already implied and formalize your guarantee?


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