Our job as owners/managers is to optimize the performance of everything that we do. That includes the performance of our marketing dollars. What owner/manager in his/her right mind wouldn’t want to get more “bang for the buck?”

Here’s a simple, basic, result generating idea too few salon/day spa owners use in their marketing. It’s something every great marketer does and it’s called testing. So if you advertise—either externally or internally, it really doesn’t matter—you’re doing your business a disservice if you don’t test. Try to:

  • Test one promotional idea against another.
  • Test one price point against another.
  • Test offering a guarantee versus not offering one.
  • Test one way of doing something against another way of doing it.

Look folks, I have seen businesses test one ad against another with one out pulling the other by as much as 25 times. Believe me, this is not at all complicated. How simple is it? Well for example, let’s say you want to test two different headlines. Simply ask a small number of actual clients which headline, offer, or ad they prefer. If you run advertising in a local

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paper, test your headlines by running two different headlines with the same ad—its called an a/b split and your local newspaper will actually allow you to do that. Here’s the secret to the a/b split. You can only measure the results of an a/b split if everything else remains the same, the body copy, the picture, and the offer. Test all your marketing efforts in the same manner. As an example, let’s look at how you use the telephone. Test two telephone greetings and keep everything else the same. Greeting (A) gets 50 responses and greeting (B) gets 12. Which greeting are you going to use? Other things that you can test include:

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Letters
  • Cross-promotions
  • Print ads
  • Other marketing methods

Testing is a part of a master marketer’s mindset, adapt it and you’ll see some serious improvement in your marketing efforts.