In 1942, right after we got into WWII, the German’s submarines (U-Boats) were sinking tons of our ships – right off our coast line – sending men and materiel to the bottom of the sea.

Our country was filled with enemy agents (and sympathizers) who were trained to gather information from innocent US citizens. gossip-post2

To heighten our awareness the War Advertising Council created the famous wartime slogan: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Then, to make sure the “word got out” US Office of War Information plastered posters all around the country. 

We both know your salon is not at war. But it is battling for business.

It’s a day-in, day-out business battle. It’s the battle for:

Finding and keeping the “right” clients.

And just like in WWII, where an unsuspecting American could be lured into saying something to someone – and the next thing you know another ship goes to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean –

A team member’s talk could torpedo your salon’s Yelp ratings or create bad word of mouth.

How’s that possible?

It’s easy.

Let’s say a client or prospective client hear chatter – and misinterprets that chatter.  

Communication is not just what we say but what a client hears.

Just imagine if you’re behind the desk and you’re talking with another team member about who gets the credit for a retail sale.

And the next thing you see is that your salon got a one-star review on Yelp because of something you said about retail.

Here’s a specific example of that.  









So what do you do?

Here are three things you need to do to right the ship:

#1Quickly respond to the review. Quickly means within 12 hours.

Do it with grace and elegance. Sound apologetic, but at the same time protective of your salon.

An aggressive response is a BIG NO NO!

Whatever you do, do not sound aggressive.

Here’s how the owner, whose salon got that review responded to it.

Dear Ms. Client,

It appears as if there was some confusion on our behalf and I’m very sorry that we gave the wrong impression to you about us.

Just so you know, we agree with you about the traditional “commission based” retail reward system causing uncomfortable and unnecessary moments for you.

It’s precisely for that reason that we “converted” to a  “team-based” rewards system for the front desk.

In other words, it does not matter under whose register key the sales are rung up.

I encourage you to give us another try. I guarantee that you’ll love our salon.

Alicia Jones
Cell # (if you want)

While I recommend you make it personal by adding the info above, you don’t have to

#2 – Speak to your team members and share exactly what happened that prompted the Yelp review in the first place.

Remind them how important good online reviews are, and how a bad review, even if it’s not true, can take its toll – both in terms of management time as well as lost prospects etc.

#3 – Ask them what they think they can do to prevent reviews like this one from happening again.

They’re adults – they’ll tell you.

Remember – if the solution comes from them they have an investment in the outcome.

Just like we had to protect our people and material during wartime, you have to protect your salon business and reputation – all the time.