The other day I passed an upscale nail spa and a sign on the front desk caught my eye: It read “Cheaper by the dozen, buy 12 manicures for the price of 10.”

Well what that hoity-toity nail spa knows is that frequent buyer programs, by any description, are a very powerful tool.

Here are a few ideas for frequent buyer programs.

After you decide you’re going to have a program, make sure you:

  • Clarify your goal.
  • Clarify all the technical aspects of your program (how it works).
  • Have a reward that the client considers valuable, but not so expensive that you lose money on it.
  • Determine the length of your program—give enough time so the client can benefit.
  • Know how the clients will receive the bonuses—don’t make them wait too long or jump through a ring of fire to get the bonus. They’ll only get frustrated and all your hard work will go down the drain.Test your program.