Imagine you’ve just gotten into your car to take a vacation. You’ve mapped out the most direct route. You just want to get to your hotel, check in, order a poolside drink, and relax.

You’re now on a long stretch of highway. The highway has a massive number of billboards. The radio is pounding so you hardly notice the billboards; you’re in a “highway trance.” You are on “auto-pilot.” You are awake but in a dream-like state glancing in the rearview mirror from time to time. Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, you see a red light flashing in the rearview mirror. You automatically snap into a state of attention. You’re out of your trance. You look at your speedometer, praying you weren’t going too fast, but you only know how fast you are traveling now. You simply cannot remember how fast you were going before. With your brain in a high state of alertness, you are talking to yourself a mile a minute, “What else could I have done wrong?” Then sooner than you’d seen the red flashing lights, the police car whizzes past. You sigh a big sigh of relief and in another minute

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or two you are back in your “highway trance.” You remain that way until you start to notice the sign for your exit. So what does this have to do with your salon/day spa? Well, just as you fall into the “highway trance,” your prospect falls into the same trance-like state when she’s using the internet to search for a salon/day spa. Why? Because she knows what she wants to find, but as soon as she starts her search she’s on the highway, “the information highway,” where most salon/spa websites are billboards, and when your prospect is in an “internet highway trance,” she simply doesn’t notice the billboards. So exactly what does she notice? What type of website will grab her attention? A “non-billboard” website. A “client-centric” website as opposed to a “billboard” type of website. A website that is laser-focused on your “avatar” or “ideal client.” Why will she notice a client-centric website? Because like the police car’s flashing red light, a client-centric website has a home page that will snap your prospect out of her Internet highway trance just long enough for you to get her attention. If you cannot slow her down to get her attention, then she’ll just move on, searching for a salon/spa that will. How does your client-centric homepage get her attention? By

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creating an attention-grabbing headline for your homepage.

A headline that focuses not on you and your salon/spa, but on your prospect; her problems, needs, wants, wishes, and desires. When a client sees your client-centric website, it will be as if she has arrived at her destination, a salon/spa where she can relax. Relax and enjoy the services and products that you’ve designed just for her.