How B&A Salon Website Testimonials Help Cure The Discounting Disease

Getting a testimonial for your salon website can be tricky business. Especially one that will help fill your salon’s chairs. Why? Because ordinary salon website testimonials turn out to be all sugar and spice. And they won’t help turn your salon’s website visitors clients – especially clients who pays full-price for your salon’s services. 

 Why most Testimonials Don’t Convert Salon Website Visitors

Sugar and spice testimonials are too sweet – and testimonials that are  too sweet leave a false impression. A false impression created by not telling the whole story of why a client came to you initially – why she’s decided to stay – and promote you.

Frankly website visitors love to see “Before” and “After” makeover pictures illustrating what your talented team can do when they have a client in their capable hands -potential clients like to hear the entire story.

 Why “Before And After” Salon Website Testimonials 

So that’s where a “B&A” Testimonial comes in. It’s just like a makeover – with the “B” showing the problem and the “A” giving the solution. The beauty of a “B&A” Testimonial is that it reduces the risk a salon website visitor has in her mind – the risk of giving your salon a try. 

And with “B&A” salon website testimonials you’re not singing your own praises – the clients are – in a believable way. 

That’s not to say ordinary testimonials don’t have power – they do. It’s just that they don’t have the supercharged power of a “B&A” Salon Website Testimonial – a testimonial that plunges right into the doubts and concerns a potential salon client has about about switching salons ( most website visitors are going to another salon) before telling her about how everything turned out not just OK but great – at your salon.

 How to Construct a “B&A” Salon Website Testimonial

How do you construct a “B&A” Testimonial for your salon website? By using the “Problem-Solution” formula – with the key being to always keep the problem upfront. 

Why do you have to keep the problem upfront? Because people are coming to you because of a problem they have with their hair (for example curly hair that’s unmanageable or straight hair that won’t hold a wave – you get the point).

Use the problem to create drama in the testimonial – remember a testimonial is like a mini-story – and to hold the reader’s attention – every story needs to have drama in it. And then use your solution to unwind the drama.

And make sure you have testimonials that cover different aspects of your salon – from the friendliness of the front desk, to the speed of the service – to the magic of the work itself.

Why? Because potential clients are looking for different things in a salon – not just beautiful work.

 How To Get Clients To Give You Testimonials

So how do you get a “B&A” Testimonial?  Simple – just ASK.  Ask lots of your clients.

The best way to collect a testimonial is by audio. Why? It’s easier to be more fluent in speech than it is on paper.

So get a voice recorder or use a service on the phone (Call Burner is the one that I recommend in combination with Skype).  If audio is not possible then use email.

 The 6 Questions for a Great “B&A” Testimonial

And what questions do you want to ask in your salon website’s “B&A” Testimonial? You’ll want to cover the following and in the specific order listed.

  1. What did you like most about our salon?
  2. What were your perceptions before you came to our salon?
  3. How has that perception changed?
  4. What are the three biggest benefits?
  5. Would you recommend our salon?
  6. Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

So if you want your salon website’s testimonials to drive more website visitors into your salon’s chairs then follow the”B&A” Testimonial formula.

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Why Salon Emails Get Ignored–and what to do about it.


Full Article Below:

Why Salon Emails Get Ignored–and what to do about it.

In the old days before made approaching people easy, social dances were a way for young men and women to meet one another.
How would they meet at a social dance?
They’d line up at opposite ends of a room and then the host would ask the men (or occasionally the women) to grab their partners for the next dance.
And those who made the “right” first impression danced the night away – while the other – the “wallflowers” – were left in their seats.
Why were the “wallflowers” left behind? It’s not that they weren’t interesting or smart, or even beautiful…they simply didn’t make a good first impression…and thus they were all but ignored.
And the same holds true for your salon email. If it isn’t making the “right” impression sitting in your client’s mailbox it’ll be ignored too – as will those beautiful offers which your clients will never take advantage off.
So precisely how do you get your salon’s emails opened?

By writing headlines that have impact.

And what does a headline have to look like to have impact? Make yours:
1) Specifically detailed rather than too vague – for example:

–Why a Busy Salon Haircut is the Key
–Why a  Busy Salon Haircut is the Key to Your Look
–Why a Busy Salon Haircut is the Key to Looking Great 24/7
2) Clear and clean – with one thought not a jumble of two or three thoughts…

Does your hair color enhance your best features or is your hair stylist making these basic mistakes?
As opposed to…

Headline 1: Does your hair color enhancing your best features?
Headline 2: Is your hairstylist making these basic mistakes?
There are two separate thoughts here – either one can be a headline with the other a “sub-headline”
Example: Does you hair color enhance your best features (expert stylists will show you how).
3) Curiosity provoking – attract by mixing the familiar with the unfamiliar
Example: The Dry Bar – For HairDrunks Only!
The bottom line? Salon owners who don’t want their emails to be like wallflowers who get ignored will write headlines that are specific, clear and of course curiosity provoking.

You can do that too,  that way your salon stands out in the “in-box”

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How to Stop Salonstoriss from Ruining your Business this Year

As the economic headwinds are howling – bringing higher taxes, unemployment and mountains of red tape – too many salon owners feel shaky about their business.

With retailers having their weakest holiday season since 2008 (sales up 0.7%) it’s no wonder they feel this way. And this feeling, stemming from a combination of being bombarded by bad news leads to uncertainty, and that uncertainty, over time, weighs down on you, and from that weight and accompanying worry you can develop a case of “Salonstoriss”.

So what is Salonstoriss? It’s a mental condition where flat sales and shrinking profits leads owners to throw up their hands in frustration – exclaiming “what should I do now because nothing that we’re trying seems to be working anymore?”

And what they end up doing is very little – if anything at all. They simply wait for things to happen rather than make things happen. The worst part about Salonstoriss, is that it spreads like a virus, infiltrating your mindset – resulting in slowed down business decisions and action taking.

Unfortunately in today’s world where speed is a key component to business success – Salontsoriss will gradually and painfully put a salon out of business. And next to the loss of a loved one, or the breakup of a committed relationship, the loss of a business is the most painful experiences an owner can have.

Fortunately there is an antidote and it’s available – free of charge.

Why free of charge? Because all it takes is a shift in your thinking and then some elbow grease (the actions you take as a result of your new mindset).

So what do I mean by “shift in your thinking”? It’s all about taking a clear look and the actions you take as a result of that thinking pertaining to:

     1. Yourself as a salon owner
     2. Your salon
     3. Your employees
     4. Your clients

Now you may be asking yourself questions like “how do I take a clear look?” and “what type of actions should I be moving towards that will bring me and my salon to the next level?”

Those answers are contained in my free download Busy Salon’s ‘Point of View in Action”. So click here to grab it right now. Then book some time (a half an hour should do it) and fill out the form.

If you’d like some extra help in Getting Your Salon’s Year In Gear – 2013© I’ve set aside a limited number of complimentary sessions to go over your “Point of View in Action”. To grab yours today simply click on big “BOOK NOW” button.

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New Year’s Resolution, Re-Solution or both?

Ah it’s New Year’s Resolutions time or as Nixa DeBellis, my yoga teacher extraordinaire says it’s New Year’s “Re-Solution” time.

So whether you say Resolution and I say Re-Solution we’re not going to call the whole thing off in 2013.  Simply put, this year, just like the past fifteen years, I have two Resolutions. But this year I have added a “Re-Solution” to these.

Why a “Re-Solution”? Because we live in a world with unlimited possibilities – where we can “hang out” with virtually anyone. But in a world of unlimited possibilities, my energy can be dissipated if I’m spreading myself too thin. So this “Re-Solution” takes care of that.

So let me start with the Resolutions.

Resolution #1 – To help salon owners take their salons and lives to “the next level”.

Resolution #2 – To live my life by living my “Primary Aim”

   “To Be a Warrior – To Live with Courage and Conviction, To Give Unconditionally and To Accept with Love, Humility and Grace

And now for my 2013 “Re-Solution”

To coach (either 1:1 or in my groups) only those people who “have the fire in their bellies” – who “really and truly” want to take their salons and lives to the next level and will prove to me (and themselves) that they’re for real in their desire.

And exactly how will they show me (and themselves in turn)?

By “doing” the work that it takes to get there – in other words – no “slackers wanted here”.

Why?  Because life’s too short for anything less!

 To Life!


BTW…For those of you who have read, studied use the system of one of my main mentors Michael Gerber (author of The E-Myth Revisited – Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It”) you’ll undoubtedly understand what Primary Aim means.  For those of you who know it don’t I highly recommend you check it out.

Salon Email Marketing is Dead! Long Live Salon Email Marketing!

When I want to read obituaries I’ll look in the obit section in the New York Times…not in my email mailbox.

So when I got an email invitation to a salon business building webinar featuring some self-appointed online marketing guru who’s declared that direct mail for salons is dead, I felt like sending an email broadcast to the folks on my list to proceed with caution.

Why? Because that pronouncement is a big bunch of hooey. It’s as fallacious a statement as those made from people plugging social networking as a salon savior while eviscerating email in an attempt to build their compelling case.

What’s really happening today in marketing is the same thing as happened yesterday. Savvy salon marketing mavens understand that marketing is a science – the science of attracting leads and turning that lead into a client.

And just as science is built on formulas, so is marketing.

Only most people don’t see it that way. They see marketing more as an art – they see marketing as creative – when it’s really not.

It’s these very same people who don’t take the time to deeply understand their target market. They’re the people who don’t understand that while they may live in the same community (geographic) as their target audience, have kids who go to school together (an example of demographics) those folks who they’re targeting may have a different set of values (an example of psycho-graphics) and therefore won’t respond to the same messages or like the same things as they do.

Then they scratch their heads and wonder why their marketing is not working and end up blaming the messenger for the failure.

Compare this to the savvy marketer who understands four basic things about the science of marketing:

  1. She’s not marketing to themselves…that they are not their customer.
  2. Email, “snail mail”, text messaging etc. are simply the delivery agents for marketing formulas.
  3. Marketing formulas are created with words, pictures and sounds (we’ll leave smells out for the moment) and it’s to those words, pictures and sounds and not to the vehicle that the target responds.
  4. To find the right formula you must test.

Now let’s use a marketing example with an email. Notice it incorporates these four points. Send two different emails to the same person at the same time each with a different subject line. And depending upon the words you choose one may be opened at by more people (open rate) than the other. So what you’ve just done is “tested” a headline – much like a scientist in the laboratory tests formulas for shampoos.

While I know some of you may disagree with me and that’s fine. But, beware that you’ve been warned.

As marketeers dig deeper into the study of our brain and how the brain impacts on our decision making, even those die hard anti-scientists are going to come around to this way of thinking. Unfortunately it may be too late because time waits for no one and savvy salon owners are adopting this new marketing mindset.

So is email marketing on its last leg? Heck no! What is dead is lousy copy-writing. And believe me I’ll let you know if email or any other delivery agent is dying.

To find out more about salon marketing download my free pdf “The 7 Principles of

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Attracting More Clients” click here to download.

The Ghost of Paul Mitchell Lives in a Shampoo Bottle

Years ago, I met Paul Mitchell in the flesh – yes the real Paul Mitchell. No I don’t mean John Paul Dejoria, Paul’s business partner who owns and runs the company and continues to keep Paul Mitchell’s legacy of great hairdressing alive – in a bottle.

But I’ve begun to wonder whether John Paul Dejoria has turned Paul’s legacy in the bottle into a ghost too. Whether even what we’re buying in a bottle is the real deal or is it “counterfeit”?

Sure Paul Mitchell’s a living breathing company. It’s a huge brand, at least as far as professional brands go, so big you’d think you’d be able to easily find. But try buying some of the product here in New York City – at least from a professional salon and you may end up on a treasure hunt like I did.

Yes you can see it around town – as a matter of fact it’s frequently displayed in the window of Duane Reade ( a New York’s largest chain pharmacy) – not the entire line but many of the key products.

But I’m funny about where I buy my professional products. I will only buy them from a professional salon.Why? Not because it’s easier but because I’m part of the professional industry. And I know without a doubt that the professional’s endorsement of these products is key to their success. That’s why these brands promise salons the moon and the stars when they’re starting out. Because they know without salon support they’ll never succeed.

But all to often when they hit it big the lines somehow appear in “non-professional” channels where they compete with the salons for the clients’ money.

Bottom line I don’t know one professional salon owner who isn’t on some level upset about professional product diversion. It’s almost like being in a marriage where one of the partners (the manufacturer in this case) has a “little something on the side” and the other partner (the salon) is resigned to living with it.

Now I’m not saying here that Paul Mitchell directly diverts it products to retail outlets other than salons – but I wouldn’t bet against it.

Why? Because here in New York City, finding Paul Mitchell products, or at least finding them in a professional salon in my neighborhood is a problem. You’d think Paul Mitchell, being the a huge professional professional brand it is, would be carried by a ton of salons. So I did what everyone does today – I Google them online to see which salons nearby that carried the product.

So I punched in zip-code and requested salons that carried the brand within a two (2) mile radius from my home.

What came up was a big fat zero – not one salon within a two mile radius was shown as carry Paul Mitchell!

Considering, according to Yelp, there are 318 hair salons on the Upper East side of Manhattan I thought there had to be something wrong. So I tried again – only this time I asked for salons within a three (3) mile radius. And what came up with a grand total of 3 salons – the closest one 2.08 miles from my home – and none on the East Side.

Since I can look out my window and see a Duane Reade (a chain pharmacy that carries the line ) traveling 2.08 miles for a bottle of “The Detangler” seemed out of the question. But I still refuse to buy professional products from any place other than salons or stretching it what was once called “Phantom” Salons – a place that qualified as a salon because it had a few shampoo chairs and a shampoo bowl somewhere on the premises.

Or I could always buy online from buy online from one of these local salons, buy on line from a non-professional resource or shop at Ricky’s (a beauty store chain, with one or two salons) because Duane Reade or another pharmacy chain like CVS.

But when I went online and tried to find a salon with an online store that sold Paul Mitchell I couldn’t find one. That was not the case with those online shopping sites like But when I looked closely at what they were selling there was a qualifier. It read

Guaranteed only when sold by a professional hairdresser, otherwise it may be counterfeit, old or tampered with.

Additional Product Information:

We are not associated or affiliated with John Paul Mitchell Systems and are not a licensed retailer of John Paul Mitchell Systems. John Paul Mitchell Systems guarantees this product only when sold through authorized retailers, and cannot guarantee the authenticity of any product sold by an unauthorized retailer. We cannot guarantee that this product is covered by any manufacturer’s warranties or eligible for any manufacturer’s rebate. If the

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UPC codes or other tracing codes are missing from any product container of a John Paul Mitchell Systems product, please retain your purchase receipt to assist in the tracing of that product in the unlikely event it is defective.

In other words “caveat emptor” Latin for “let the buyer beware” – if you buy Paul Mitchell online or from any other non-salon you may not be getting the real stuff. But then again, you may.

So who knows the truth – only The Ghost of Paul Mitchell knows.