Are Today’s Groupon Deals Salon Killers or Salon Builders?

How to Create a “Deal” that will Retain Clients and
Make Your Salon Money

Running an offer on a “Deal Site”

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for example Groupon, Living Social or Gilt, can help you put more people into your salon’s chairs.

But it’s more than just making an “attractive” offer to the deal site’s list that determines whether or not this type of marketing works for you.

And believe it or not these other elements that make the deal successful are within your control.

So what are those other elements that will make it work?

Let’s start with your selection of the “Deal Site” you’ll be doing business with. Each “Deal Site” has a different audience (membership) so you’ll want to choose the one(s) that best reflect your salon’s target profile (ideal client).

Then onto the offer itself. Spend time on creating your deal(s). Think about the number of new clients you’d like to see, the amount of $ you’d like to generate, as well as gross margin %, add-ons, retention and re-booking rates. (I have a handy “deal-designer” tool to use. See form below.)

Whatever deal you come up with make sure it’s one that will make you money.

Ok, so maybe you won’t make the same amount you do on a “regular” service but that’s ok – you do have someone in your chair who you can bring back into the salon.

Remember not everyone who uses a deal site is a “deal junkie”.

While there are “hair deal junkies”; people who end up clipping “coupons” whenever they need a haircut or color, there are people who are genuinely looking for a new “hair home” (a salon I work with recently offered a deal where the retention rate was only 2% less than their retention rate from “organic” first time visitors).

Therefore you’ll want to prep your team for the deal – after all it’s how they treat the “deal” clients that will be a major contributor to your deal’s success.

By following this step by step plan you’ll not only put more people in your chairs during the “deal period” but long after the deal’s over.

For a detailed step by step outline on “Deal Making” and to get your own copy of my “Deal Designer” Fill out the form below and we’ll send the documents to you right away!

To Life!

What Clients are Saying About $1000.00 Haircuts – and How Stylists are Charging that Price

What would your clients say if you were charging a $1000.00 for a haircut?

Are thoughts like “I’m finding someone else to cut my hair”, “she’s lost her mind” or “I wouldn’t have any clients if I did that” crossing your mind?

Yet these salon owners have ventured into new haircut pricing territory, taking their haircut prices to levels that most people would consider to be insane.

So before you dismiss these folks as just a bunch of nuts or publicity chow hounds check out this Wall Street

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Journal article. Or check out the video embedded below….

Believe me – these owners are anything but nuts – they’re all savvy marketers who are using high prices as a point of differentiation.

But go ahead and decide for yourself.

Maybe you won’t be offering a $1000.00 haircut just yet, but you’ll definitely have a different perspective on pricing.


My latest e-zine has been sent out. “The Salon Retention Factor-It’ll Make or Break Your Salon”. If you’re not on the list you can sign up here.

The “Age of Whatever”

It’s now official! The word “whatever” has topped the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion Poll for the “most hated” word five years in a row!

And it’s not as if “whatever” is losing any of its steam – this nuanced term of indifference – got the #1 vote of 38% of the 1173 adults

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surveyed in 2013 (up from 32% in 2012)!

Talk about indifference – in poll after poll we can see how customer service, in businesses of all sizes, shapes and types is declining – And it’s taking the plunge as rapidly as the hated word “whatever” is ascending (USA Today).I can’t help but think we’re entering into some sort of new “Ice Age” – I call it the “Age of Whatever”

Take the Post Office (USPS) for example. The folks there have been frozen dead in their tracks for years. When was the last time you got a warm smile or a sincere “thank you” for doing business with them? Funny, the only thing that’s not frozen at the Post Office is its prices. As a matter of fact the upcoming price of a“forever” stamp from 46₵ to 49₵, is causing a lot of people to get very hot under the collar .

And you know as well as I do, the Post Office is not alone in this deep freeze of declining service. You and I could have a ball exchanging war stories about the companies we know that are descending (no make that “allowing themselves to descend”) into the “Age of Whatever”.

But there is a silver lining here – and it’s that we don’t have to live our lives and businesses that way. While it’s easy to join the crowd, no one is twisting our arms to run “Whatever” Salons or businesses – or lead “Whatever” lives.

Thought leaders

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like Tony Robbins – a recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround and peak performance – tell us how our choice of words can change our lives.

In a nutshell Robbins says “words you habitually choose also affects how you communicate with yourself and therefore what you experience”

While I won’t go into all the details here I highly recommend you read his article “Change Your Words, Change Your Life: The Simplest Tool I know for Changing the Quality of Your Life” .

And just in case you’re curious as to the other words on Marist’s “most hated” list you’ll find them right here.

To Life!

My latest e-zine has been sent out. I highly recommend reading the feature article “The 7 Step System for Increasing Prices & Keeping Your Clients Happy”. If you’re not on the list you can sign up here.

Turn Lemons to Lemonade

When owning or managing a salon, you know that there are going to be complaints. It comes with the territory. However, if you bury your head in the sand and don’t see these complaints as an opportunity for improvement, then your business is bound to fail.

Most salon owners don’t have a system in place for turning those lemons into lemonade. So, here’s an easy six-step

rapid recovery process that will make your business a success.

Does it really matter who’s right? Ultimately, the client is, even if he or she is in fact, wrong. Acknowledge that a problem exists. Say you’re sorry and mean it.

Listen and empathize.
Let the client get it out – at this point, he or she just wants “an ear” and not a lecture. Really listen. When you do, the client will feel that you care.

Fix it fairly.
After you’ve listened, you’ll understand the problem. Now do what you have to do to fix it. Usually all the client wants is what he or she asked for in the first place – the sooner the better.

Offer atonement.
Your efforts to try and please a disgruntled customer will surely be appreciated. Your rapid recovery system will earn high marks, and your reputations as an ethical business person will go untarnished.

Keep your promises.
You’re already in hot water, so don’t fuel the fire by not delivering your promises. In other words, do what you say you’ll do.

Follow up.
Be it in a few days or a couple of weeks, check to make sure that the client left the salon feeling fully satisfied with the services received.

Salon Marketing Minute- “Pricing Myths”

Are you aware of the Four Salon Pricing Myths that could potentially hurt more

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