7 Facebook for Salons Business Tips

  1. Focus on Facebook
    Yes there are other social media platforms that you can use besides Facebook – but focusing on one (in this case Facebook) will help you crush your competition (they’re sure to be spread all over the place).
  2. Optimize Your Salon’s Facebook Profile
    To be sure that you’ve optimized your Facebook profile follow Facebook’s Instructions to a tee.
  3. Communicate Your Salon’s Personality
    You and your salon are unique. Find your salon’s personality (your uniqueness) and communicate it on your page.
  4. Build a Strong Fan Base
    It’s quality over quantity. There is no “magic” number for your fan base. So matter what the number of fans you have be sure they’re “quality” fans- the strength of your fan base resides in how often they comment on your posts or interact on your tabbed pages in some way.
  5. Create Engaging Content
    Content is what attracts and keeps your fans – so keep it flowing. BTW if you’re struggling to create original content it’s all right to be a copycat – so check out what’s working for your competitors.
  6. Measure and Analyze What’s Working
    Just like any other part of your business you’ll need to measure. So measure the basics (audience size and activity level) as well as engagement and other metrics – after all you have to prove to yourself that this is what is working.
  7. Integrate Facebook with Your Other Salon Marketing Efforts
    Marketing on the social networks is one part of your salon’s marketing (e-mail, in-salon promotions etc.). Make sure your image (branding) and messaging is consistent throughout all your marketing.

social media

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How to Get the Most From Instagram

Post regularly:
and don’t forget to  sure you have than one person on your team who can take photos – after-all you’ll be posting six  (or even seven) day a week plus people may be busy with clients.

Engage with your audience: respond when someone leaves a comment as it shows your Instagram site is a place where clients can interact with you and your salon

Add Instagram to emails:
  Add your Instagram handle or link your Instagram to any emails you send to your clients. Also include a link to the site in every employees email signature

Advertise your Instagram on other channels:  Add the icon to your website, put the address on your business cards, ask Facebook and Pinterest followers (as well as followers on other social media sites) to follow you on Instagram

Use your daily huddle let the team members know exactly what you’re looking to post that day (and for the rest of the week).

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Effective Customer Follow Up

Want to capture every new client’s information so you can effectively follow up with them?

Make it part of new client welcome procedure by handing them a pen and an “All about You” form. On this form ask for their name, address, mobile phone and email.

Also request which form of communication they would prefer your using when you contact them in the future about appointments, special events and other announcements. By doing this you’re not only saying

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we want to reach you “your way” but you’re also “pre-framing” your follow-ups.

Remember this is their first experience with you so start to develop trust by letting them know that their information is confidential and will not be sold or distributed to any third parties.

Quotation: It’s not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is what are we busy about? Henry David Thoreau

What Not To Do With A Dog Yelp Review!

It’s only normal for your stomach to sink when your salon gets a lousy Yelp review.

But if you’re harnessing the power of social media you’re bound to get a doggy review or two.

Since you can’t remove a lousy review don’t squander this opportunity in disguise by trying to:

  1. Accuse Yelp of extortion for your not advertising with them. Why? Because you clearly don’t know how Yelp works and you’ll just look like a big paranoid baby to them.
  2.  Crying libel – that the review damaged your reputation and hurt your feelings. Why? Because if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. The Internet simply isn’t for you.
  3. Cajole users into giving you good reviews to smother the bad ones.

According to Yelp’s director of business outreach, Luther Lowe, in explaining how Yelp’s robot filter works – “Businesses that are pretty aggressive about soliciting almost always have a lot of reviews filtered.” Click here for full Yelp article.

Quick Tip: The Thing Every Client Loves

Walking down the street I heard someone call out my name – Andrew! Andrew!…

I stopped and looked around to see who was calling me, only to see out of the corner of my eye a young mother chasing after her young son who had dashed into the cross-walk against the light.

Seeing that I kept walking and went back to whatever was on my mind at the time

The sweetest sound to anyone’s ears is the sound of

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their own name

That’s just how things are – and it’s an important thing for marketers, to know,

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remember and use in their never ending quest to get someone’s attention.

So how do you use someone’s name to get their attention? In any number of ways including: in email or any other correspondence, during every part of a retail interaction including at the arrival, during the service, at the checkout and departure.

If you have a problem remembering someone’s name, use the prompts that are available to you or if you really want to go the full nine yards and improve your memory so that you can remember everyone’s name you meet go to www.luminosity.com