How B&A Salon Website Testimonials Help Cure The Discounting Disease

Getting a testimonial for your salon website can be tricky business. Especially one that will help fill your salon’s chairs. Why? Because ordinary salon website testimonials turn out to be all sugar and spice. And they won’t help turn your salon’s website visitors clients – especially clients who pays full-price for your salon’s services. 

 Why most Testimonials Don’t Convert Salon Website Visitors

Sugar and spice testimonials are too sweet – and testimonials that are  too sweet leave a false impression. A false impression created by not telling the whole story of why a client came to you initially – why she’s decided to stay – and promote you.

Frankly website visitors love to see “Before” and “After” makeover pictures illustrating what your talented team can do when they have a client in their capable hands -potential clients like to hear the entire story.

 Why “Before And After” Salon Website Testimonials 

So that’s where a “B&A” Testimonial comes in. It’s just like a makeover – with the “B” showing the problem and the “A” giving the solution. The beauty of a “B&A” Testimonial is that it reduces the risk a salon website visitor has in her mind – the risk of giving your salon a try. 

And with “B&A” salon website testimonials you’re not singing your own praises – the clients are – in a believable way. 

That’s not to say ordinary testimonials don’t have power – they do. It’s just that they don’t have the supercharged power of a “B&A” Salon Website Testimonial – a testimonial that plunges right into the doubts and concerns a potential salon client has about about switching salons ( most website visitors are going to another salon) before telling her about how everything turned out not just OK but great – at your salon.

 How to Construct a “B&A” Salon Website Testimonial

How do you construct a “B&A” Testimonial for your salon website? By using the “Problem-Solution” formula – with the key being to always keep the problem upfront. 

Why do you have to keep the problem upfront? Because people are coming to you because of a problem they have with their hair (for example curly hair that’s unmanageable or straight hair that won’t hold a wave – you get the point).

Use the problem to create drama in the testimonial – remember a testimonial is like a mini-story – and to hold the reader’s attention – every story needs to have drama in it. And then use your solution to unwind the drama.

And make sure you have testimonials that cover different aspects of your salon – from the friendliness of the front desk, to the speed of the service – to the magic of the work itself.

Why? Because potential clients are looking for different things in a salon – not just beautiful work.

 How To Get Clients To Give You Testimonials

So how do you get a “B&A” Testimonial?  Simple – just ASK.  Ask lots of your clients.

The best way to collect a testimonial is by audio. Why? It’s easier to be more fluent in speech than it is on paper.

So get a voice recorder or use a service on the phone (Call Burner is the one that I recommend in combination with Skype).  If audio is not possible then use email.

 The 6 Questions for a Great “B&A” Testimonial

And what questions do you want to ask in your salon website’s “B&A” Testimonial? You’ll want to cover the following and in the specific order listed.

  1. What did you like most about our salon?
  2. What were your perceptions before you came to our salon?
  3. How has that perception changed?
  4. What are the three biggest benefits?
  5. Would you recommend our salon?
  6. Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

So if you want your salon website’s testimonials to drive more website visitors into your salon’s chairs then follow the”B&A” Testimonial formula.

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