5 Simple Strategies for Using Pinterest To Grow Your Salon

In less than two years Pinterest, a Virtual Pinboard with 20 million members has catapulted into it’s new position as the darling of the social networking scene

So what does it actually do? Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web – and, when properly understood and worked can be great tool to help you grow your salon business.

Why is Pinterest a great tool?

First of all it’s all about the visual – and if you’re like most salon owners you’re a visual person.

So it goes without saying that you’ll have a natural affinity for it. At the very least you won’t struggle writing copy!

Second, like the majority of your clients, Pinterest is decidedly female – please excuse me if I sound sexist but frankly if you’re operating a barber shop I don’t recommend your spending your precious resources – time, money, energy on Pinterest. According to Inside Network’s AppData, women are almost completely responsible for Pinterest’s Success – in fact 97 percent of the site’s users are women.

Third, as the power of Pinterest unfolds there will be other business opportunities for your salon to take advantage of.

But just like when you build a house, you’ll want to make sure that you build Pinterest right – from the ground up.

Want complete details? Watch this video

Here are five points you’ll want to be sure to cover if you want Pinterest to work for your business.

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  1. Add the “Pin it” Button to Your Site. –What your “Pin it” Button does is allows other people to share your content – and it goes to all their followers.
  2. Create a Pinterest account specifically for your business and set up the account properly
    –Use the name of your business – not your first and last name – unless of course that is the name of your brand.
    –Choose your brand as the “user name” (this is the name that appears on the top of your Pinterst page) Note, this user name is not carved in stone. Unlike Facebook where you can’t change name of your page after you have 25 fans (“likes”) Pinterest allows you to change your user name at any time.
    –Directly state (in the action section) what your salon is all about is all about and use key words to build back-links.
  3. Create your own original content (especially images) so you’re strategically linked.

    –Blog posts
    –Opt in pages
    –Product pages
    –You Tube Channel
    –Results (before and after’s) and Testimonia

    Strategic links then help drive traffic to where it best serves you in marketing your salon.

  4. Pin useful information onto Pinterest

–Info graphics

By creating this information you’ll not only keep people on Pinterest but you’ll pique their curiosity and get them to your website or blog.

5. Create captions that always feature
– CTA’s (Call to Action)
– Keywords
– Prices (where applicable)
– Links

Doing this ensures you get the most amount of engagement and exposure per pin.

Interested in learning more? Attend this Free “All About Pinterest” webinar.

It’s short – the info part is only 50 minutes – and well worth your time as it could change the future of you and your salon forever. Click here to watch!

Quotation: If you’re willing to do only what’s easy life, will be hard. If you’re willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy – Joe Polish