How to Get the Most From Instagram

Post regularly:
and don’t forget to  sure you have than one person on your team who can take photos – after-all you’ll be posting six  (or even seven) day a week plus people may be busy with clients.

Engage with your audience: respond when someone leaves a comment as it shows your Instagram site is a place where clients can interact with you and your salon

Add Instagram to emails:
  Add your Instagram handle or link your Instagram to any emails you send to your clients. Also include a link to the site in every employees email signature

Advertise your Instagram on other channels:  Add the icon to your website, put the address on your business cards, ask Facebook and Pinterest followers (as well as followers on other social media sites) to follow you on Instagram

Use your daily huddle let the team members know exactly what you’re looking to post that day (and for the rest of the week).

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