Why Salon Emails Get Ignored–and what to do about it.


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Why Salon Emails Get Ignored–and what to do about it.

In the old days before Match.com made approaching people easy, social dances were a way for young men and women to meet one another.
How would they meet at a social dance?
They’d line up at opposite ends of a room and then the host would ask the men (or occasionally the women) to grab their partners for the next dance.
And those who made the “right” first impression danced the night away – while the other – the “wallflowers” – were left in their seats.
Why were the “wallflowers” left behind? It’s not that they weren’t interesting or smart, or even beautiful…they simply didn’t make a good first impression…and thus they were all but ignored.
And the same holds true for your salon email. If it isn’t making the “right” impression sitting in your client’s mailbox it’ll be ignored too – as will those beautiful offers which your clients will never take advantage off.
So precisely how do you get your salon’s emails opened?

By writing headlines that have impact.

And what does a headline have to look like to have impact? Make yours:
1) Specifically detailed rather than too vague – for example:

–Why a Busy Salon Haircut is the Key
–Why a  Busy Salon Haircut is the Key to Your Look
–Why a Busy Salon Haircut is the Key to Looking Great 24/7
2) Clear and clean – with one thought not a jumble of two or three thoughts…

Does your hair color enhance your best features or is your hair stylist making these basic mistakes?
As opposed to…

Headline 1: Does your hair color enhancing your best features?
Headline 2: Is your hairstylist making these basic mistakes?
There are two separate thoughts here – either one can be a headline with the other a “sub-headline”
Example: Does you hair color enhance your best features (expert stylists will show you how).
3) Curiosity provoking – attract by mixing the familiar with the unfamiliar
Example: The Dry Bar – For HairDrunks Only!
The bottom line? Salon owners who don’t want their emails to be like wallflowers who get ignored will write headlines that are specific, clear and of course curiosity provoking.

You can do that too,  that way your salon stands out in the “in-box”

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