The Seven Keys to Designing a Salon Groupon Deal

Don’t be bamboozled by some slick social site sales rep who’ll push you on price – they’re skilled at crafting “deals” that’ll fill your salon’s chairs but, if you’re not careful, will empty your salon’s bank account – see

So follow these seven keys to “Deal Design” for Groupon or other Deal Sites and create special offers . They’ will serve your salon/spa financially both short and long term.

From a marketing perspective a well designed Groupon deal will help you stand

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out from the “get them in at any price” salons.

1. Treat the clients coming to you for the deal, like you do your regular clients – the name of the game is to bring them back.

2. Keep those pure bargain shoppers out of your chairs/rooms by increasing the price of the package. For example if your “deal” is a $75 value for $35, and your everyday average service costs $75, you are wooing the wrong prospects. Offer a $150 value package for $74 – that sets up a strong barrier to entry.

3. Build a higher margin package to bring down your direct costs for the “deal”.

4. Don’t discount your regular priced services. If your best seller is a shampoo/ haircut/style for $60, offer a great package with a reasonable value of $110 for $54, so that your regular clients don’t feel like suckers for paying regular prices.

5. Use social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and make your deal go viral. Remember, your existing clients are your best way to spread the word. Give them a compelling offer that they will want to try and share with their friends.

6. Keep the number of “deals” sold limited to something your salon can benefit from – don’t inconvenience your regular customers or downgrade your service.

7. Track the results of your deal – total sales, profit/loss, average ticket, new clients, retention rate, increase in your list size or social media contacts and your website traffic.

Also remember in today’s marketplace you don’t have to pay Groupon or the other Deal Site 50% of the sales generated by the deal. While that may have been true when Groupon was

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first launched it is no longer so. Today everything is negotiable.

The Five Deadliest Salon Website Sins?

Does your salon website is generate more bills from internet service providers than names of potential clients?

If it does you’ve probably committed one or more of these 5 deadly salon website sins.

Your salon website is a marketing tool and marketing the science of finding prospects and turning them into profitable clients for your business.

So it goes without saying that your website must help build your business.

But if your salon website is, like most salon websites, just another pretty billboard sitting on the side of a lightly trafficked road, it simply won’t put a dime in your pocket.

So what are the 5 deadly salon website sins?

  1. No headline to attract a visitor’s attention. Instead most salon websites just use the name of the salon and some sort of tag line. This is hardly of interest to the prospect, but a strong headline, directly aimed at the website visitor, will get their attention. Headlines that enter the conversation going on in your prospects mind will encourage her to want to learn more about your salon.
  2. No compelling offer or presentation of information they’d be interested in. Having a benefit- rich compelling offer increases your chance of obtaining their name/address in exchange for your offer.
  3. No testimonials or endorsements. You alone talking about your salon’s professionalism and the wonderful customer service, holds far less weight with website visitors than clients or third party endorsers such as the press talking about you.
  4. No multiple ways to respond. Many salon websites do not invite the prospect wanting more information to call, fax or email. A call from a
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    prospect may be a better way to move them into your chair more quickly than simply putting them into a prospective client email

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    marketing sequence.

  5. No understanding that you’re not going to make a sale on the first visit. The sale comes in time, after the relationship is built and after a continual stream of information and offers (delivered by auto responders) are designed with your particular prospect’s needs in mind.

So if you’re interested in turning your website from a line item expense to a money maker, review your site today, see if it’s making any or all of these 5 deadly sins and amend your ways.

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How to Leverage Your Team’s Talents to Get More Salon Facebook Fans

Building your Salon’s Facebook fan base is a challenge for busy salon owners – who usually have too much to do with too little time to do it.

One solution for getting more fans is to harness the energy and talents of your employees.

Before you get going make sure your team members know the “rules of the road” for Facebook and they understand and comply with the FTC Guidelines for Adequate Disclosure (see– if an employee posts on your Page or on any of your other social media channels they need to disclose their material relationship with your salon.

Also, provide written guidelines for posting on Facebook and using other types of social media – you owe it to yourself, your salon and your team to be clear about the do’s, don’ts and how-to’s.

Here are 10 tips on how to get more Fans to your page by involving your team members.

  1. Send
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    Team member Emails – send an introductory email letting them know all about your Salon’s FB Page. Encourage them to become Fans but don’t make it a “command performance” -Note: to get a higher

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    level of participation send your team an email sequence.

  2. Hold Contests – create contests just for your team – for example Free Pizza (or another

    fun reward) for the team if the salon hits a “Like” target within the first month.

  3. Share Page with Friends – Encourage your team to share the page with their friends and family on Facebook. The share this page is at the bottom under the left hand side of the Page. Write out specific instructions on how to do share because not every team member is as tech-savvy as we would imagine they are.
  4. Solicit Content Ideas – The more content you have on your Salon’s FB Page the better – and your team have plenty of ideas on what they’d like to see up on the salon’s page. So solicit ideas and by holding a “Content Drive”. Set up a specific email where employees can recommend content. Encourage them to send videos, photos and ideas.
  5. Create Employee Videos – Shoot a weekly or monthly video of an employee giving a testimonial as to why your salon’s a great place to work.
  6. Harness Linkedin/Twitter – have your team members let their friends know about the salon’s page by communicating through Linkedin and Twitter.
  7. Add Facebook “Like” Boxes – Add a Facebook “Like” box to the salon website and blog.
  8. Email Signatures – Get your team to add a link to the Salon Page in their email signatures. Keep it as simple as “Like me on Facebook!”
  9. Encourage Team Member Interaction – Make sure your team knows how important it is for them to interact on the Salon Page. Let them know that commenting and liking posts on the Salon Page will increase the chances of those posts being featured in your fans’ news feeds.
  10. Conduct Social Media Training – Have a social media expert come to the salon and hold a training course for interest in learning how to use social media for personal and professional purposes.

Remember having a Salon Page with a variety of employee posts and videos makes it more attractive and authentic to others and gives it more “pulling power”.

Seven Steps to Building Fans on Your Salon/Spa Facebook Page

Facebook is here to stay as a business tool for salons/spas. But this social media site only works when you’ve got Fans – and you get them by using a seven step systematic acquisition strategy.

The Big Myth

Sure you can get your nephew to put up your Profile Page. But it takes more than a kid to build our Pages to help us increase our fan base (the number of people who “like” us).

The big myth is that once you create your Salon/Spa’s Page the first thing you should do is invite all your friends from your personal profile.

Be careful – although FB’s guidelines (http://www.facebook/promotions.guidelines.php) say that you can import your data base, mass invites can be tricky because users can “like” up to 500 pages and they may want to be picky about it. Check out your own experience to see how many Fan Page Suggestions you have … they build up like a stealth bomber …

So don’t bomb your friends with suggestions to join your fan page – “just because” – without an apparent incentive.

What follows is a way to fill your Page with a big crowd – the kind of crowd who’ll also pack your salon/spa’s chairs and rooms.

The 7 Steps to Building Your Facebook Salon/Spa Fanbase

Step 1 – Make your plan – do this first thing! Don’t even think about moving to the next step before you finish your plan.

Think about it this way – if you were giving a party you wouldn’t invite people to show up at your door only to find you had no drinks, food or entertainment.

With Facebook your drinks, food and entertainment are called content.

  • Photos and videos from your salon/spa
  • Events you hold either in your salon/spa or with other companies/charities
  • “Exclusive” offers for your Facebook fans only – they can be salon/spa offers or offers you arrange for with 3rd parties.

Step 2 – Create Compelling Content to Lure Fans

  • Have photos/videos from the salon/spa
  • Events (live or virtual) where you encourage people to invite their friends
  • Make your content exclusive – they can only get it on Facebook.

Step 3 – Promote Your Page Directly

  • Suggest it to your personal friends
  • Ask your staff to promote it to their friends

Step 4 – Put it on your salon/spas marketing materials

  • Business cards & other printed materials
  • Salon/Spa Menu
  • Website – header, navigation bar, contact page
  • Other social media
  • Your personal email signature

Step 5 – Run Contests

  • Alternate promotions with coupons
  • Create other content to get them to stay

Step 6 – Use Guerilla Marketing Tactics

  • SEO your page for listings in Google
  • Swap promotions with other local businesses
  • Video marketing
  • Backlinks
  • Comment on other relevant profiles and include a link

Step 7 – Integrate Your Page

  • Link to other social media including Twitter
  • Use Facebook Social Plugin

The 5 Step Salon Facebook Fan-Building Contest

If you think that

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perfume learn and their.

Back-to School is a one-time deal – think again. Create a Facebook Contest to not only build business in the fall but grow your Facebook Fans as well as your e-mail list so you can generate more business throughout the year.

So how do you hold a contest on Facebook?

  1. Make sure you work within the Facebook Promotions Guidelines – after-all you wouldn’t want to put your Page at risk, just because you didn’t know the rules of the game – which, by the way, change all the time.

    For the Guidelines go to

  2. Create three Contest Pages

    Page #1: announces the contest and pops up as soon as a visitor lands on your Salon’s Page. Non-fans must click the “like” button before they can enter the contest. Fans would bypass this page and automatically come to Page number two.

    Page #2 – is the “Sign-up Page” where the Fan enters the contest by submitting their name and email address.
    Once they do that they are taken to.

    Page #3 – a “Thank You Page” where they are encouraged to share the contest with their friends using Facebook and Twitter buttons.

  3. Promote the contest-

    -Market on your social network sites (Facebook and Twitter) with status updates (Facebook) and tweets. Use a backlink to the contest page (Fans go to page #2 and non-fans to Page #1 by default.

    -Create a video promoting the contest and upload it on YouTube and Facebook – again include a back-link to Page #2.

    -Allow the contestants to share the contest on their own sites and have a share button on Page #3 (Thank You Page).

    -Advertise on Facebook

    -Create a Facebook Event Page through your Salon Page to invite people to join the contest.

    -Promote it in your in-salon marketing materials and your email.

  4. Pick a winner.

    -You’ll want to be fair so use software like “Random Line Picker”

  5. Announce the winner-

    -Send out an email to the list of students who entered the contest.

    -Record a video announcing the winner and host it on YouTube.

    -Send a Facebook email announcing the winner.

So there you have a step-by-step system of running a contest that not only will promote your Back-to-School business, but will build your Salon’s Facebook Page “likes” as well as your email list.

FREE Facebook for Salons Webinar- June 20, 2011

Just seven years ago when Marcie dumped her boyfriend Mark, Mark didn’t sit around sulking. He created a way to vet and get girls fast – he created Facebook, a fortune

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for himself and others and an incredible marketing tool for salons – and other businesses as well of course.

Today with over 650 million people on Facebook it’s no wonder salon owners are looking to harness its marketing power to create better and stronger business relationships with both clients and prospects.

Building these relationships and acquiring new fans on Facebook is simple – deceptively simple.

That’s why I’m running a special “Facebook for Salons Only” FREE Webinar where salon owners will learn some of the in’s and out’s to creating a “cutting edge” Facebook Page that can help them get and keep clients – and turning your salon’s social network into salon social commerce.


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Monday June 20th, 2011- 4:00pm EST/1:00pm PST