Today, having a salon/spa website is as important as having a business card. It’s an essential part of your marketing package and when you design and operate your website well, it will give your business a true competitive advantage.

Unfortunately, most salon/spa owners and managers are really too busy to pay the type of attention that their site deserves. As a result, an owner/manager delegates the business of putting up a website to someone who may be a decent designer, yet in reality, knows very little about harnessing the power of the Internet. Like any area of marketing, there’s just so much more to it than meets the eye. While you may already be a web maven, these 8 Golden Rules are guidelines that will help any owner/manager create a more powerful web presence for their business.

  1. Planning. That means you must know ahead of time exactly what you wish to accomplish with your website.
  2. Content. That’s what is going to attract visitors to your site, then keep them
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  3. Design. There’s a “hang or click” moment when people first see your site. Should they hang around or click away? Design influences their decision.
  4. Involvement. Take advantage of the net’s interactivity by involving visitors rather than just requiring that they read.
  5. Production. This refers to putting your first four elements online.
  6. Follow-up. People visit your site, email you, ask or answer some questions. Respond to their e-mail, stay in touch.
  7. Promotion. You must promote your site online by registering with search engines and linking with other sites, while promoting it offline in mass media, mailings, wherever your name appears.
  8. Maintenance. Unlike other marketing, a website requires constant changing, updating, freshening, renewing. Like a baby.

There are experts who do web design and marketing for a living. Unless your heart’s desire is to become a web master, my advice is to find a good one and delegate this area of the business to them. It will be money well spent.