I’m going to share with you 12 ways to grow more clients—six this week and six next week. Some of these you may already be aware of or are actively using. Others may be new to you.

Whatever the case may be, each one of these methods has application to your salon/day spa. All you have to do is adapt it to your particular circumstance.

  1. Referral Systems: These are specific processes
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    you use regularly to get your clients to recommend and encourage other people they associate with to seek out the services or products you sell. (For specifics see The Finkelstein Report Volume 1 Issue 18 and Issue 30.)HOT TIP: The key to making your referral system work is your client must understand and appreciate the value and benefit of the service they receive from your salon/day spa.

  2. Risk Reversal: Any time two people come together to do business, one person is always asking the other person to take more risk than they do. Think about it. If you’re asking people to come to take advantage of let’s say your hair color services, many won’t be willing to do so. It’s an issue of knowing you and trusting you. Clients just won’t buy at anywhere near their capacity because they don’t want to take on all the risk.
  3. Host-Beneficiary Relationship: These allow you to capitalize on the strong relationships and goodwill other companies and professionals may have established with prime prospects for your services and products. Here’s the question. Who in my marketing area is already selling to the clients I want to reach or serve? They would be selling something that goes before, along with, or after what you provide.
  4. Advertising: Go slow with advertising. If you do advertise, make sure you do it frequently enough and that it will be heard or seen by enough people you need to be talking to. Just a little reminder, it’s always about them (the target and never about you).
  5. Direct Marketing: Some people call direct marketing “salesmanship in print.” Well, whether it’s via post-cards, brochures, letters, or via the Internet, it’s a powerful way to get your message into the mind of your prospective client. Remember, it’s about frequency as well as the message.
  6. Tele-marketing: This is a tool you can use in many different ways, to survey clients, to forge tighter relationships, and to follow up on direct marketing (you can get as much as 10 times increased sales by following up with a sales letter). You can also offer your top clients preferential treatment
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    on products and services.