Last week’s report outlined six of twelve ways you can grow more clients. Here are the final six. While you may already be either aware of or are actively using them, others may be new to you.

Whatever the case may be, each one of these methods has application to your salon/day spa. All you have to do is adapt it to your particular circumstance.

  1. Direct Mail: So many salon/day spa owners think people don’t read anything longer than a sentence. That’s simply not true.Think of direct mail as being “salesmanship” in print. Direct mail gives you the opportunity to take your most powerful sales presentation and turn it into a printed message that can be delivered into the hands and minds of all the prospective clients you’ll ever want to meet.Direct mail gives you great flexibility and the possibility to reach people and businesses your normal selling methods wouldn’t allow you to reach.
  2. Telemarketing: It’s a great tool you can use in many different ways, from conducting surveys to see how your business is doing, to establishing, developing, and maintaining very close relationships with prospects and clients. Use telemarketing to:* Follow up with prospects or clients after a sales letter (you can get up to ten times (10X’s) the response to a sales letter by following up with a phone call. * Find out why people are not buying from you and convert them. * Offer your best clients preferential values on products or services. * Pre-test new products or services.
  3. Special Events and Information Nights: What a great way to distinguish your salon/day spa and connect with your clients! Offer prospects and clients an opportunity to learn more about the benefits and results of your products and services. Create the opportunity to meet outside experts.For examples and ideas, check out the events calendar at Nordstrom’s, Neiman-Marcus, Barnes & Noble, or William-Sonoma (for those of you love to cook & eat!). Then adopt and adapt their ideas and programs to your particular circumstance.
  4. Qualified Lists: It’s easy to identify specific people (or businesses) that are more likely than not to be your target audience for your services and products. There are a number of sources, including the Data Directory of Business Listing published monthly by Standard Rate and Data Service. This directory contains approximately 35,000 listings and descriptions of mailing lists and customer lists you can rent for any purpose imaginable.
  5. Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Your USP is a statement that communicates the most powerful benefit or
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    competitive advantage you offer your clients. To create one you’ll have to determine what they are, not getting them from anyone else, and offer it to your clients! Incorporate the fact that you’re offering them this unique benefit in everything you say and everything you do.Ask yourself, what superior benefit is my salon/day spa in a position to give to my clients? In addition, what superior benefit am I actually providing that my clients may not be aware of? What are your goals? Convince every client or prospective client you deal with that they can expect to receive this unique benefit on an on-going basis by doing business with you instead of your competitors.

  6. Public Relations:
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    In every local market (including yours) there are publications, local media, newsletters, etc. Believe me; all of them are hungry for information and ideas. Public Relations (PR) is easier than you think. Approach it from a strategic point of view, not a one shot deal. If you need to hire a pro, it’s worth it.HOT TIP: To be extremely successful with PR all you have to do is understand one thing: It’s all about them—not about you! People care about what is important to them, what will help them improve their lives, expand their comfort, make them richer, more entertained, more fulfilled, and more protected.