Did you ever want to create a new system or improve an existing one? Do you want to get your team involved so they are part of the solution not the problem? So they take ownership?

Below is a 10 step processyou can use to improve morale, increase enthusiasm, and get better and faster implementation.

  1. Put up on a board (or write on a flip chart) the topic to be solved, e.g., “Retail sales and how to improve them.”
  2. Next ask everyone in the group to write down the (3) biggest challenges with salon retailing and the solutions. This step gets your people owning the ideas and solutions and you’ll get input from your top performers and best thinkers.
  3. Now write down everyone’s ideas on the board or flipchart. Eliminate duplications and discuss the items as you put them up to get clarification, “what did you mean by that?…so what you are saying is . . .”
  4. Then get everyone to write down the top (3) ideas/solutions from the list on the board. Have them take a fresh sheet of paper and write 1-3 in order of importance.
  5. Go around the room and ask each person (or group) for their top (3) choices and rating. Mark 3 slashes next to the #1, 2 next to #2 and 1 next to #3. Repeat the process and then add up the slashes to come up with the overall #1-#3.
  6. Have each person now think of assignments/tasks to integrate the top (3) choices into the next week’s activities. Write these down. The idea here is implementation (NEVER proceed to new tasks without implementing).
  7. Then ask for
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    the ideas on implementation (see steps #4 and #5 above). Choose the top (3) assignments and implementation strategies, and give them to the group to implement.

  8. Write a memo. Include the top (3) problems, solutions and implementation strategies (make sure to include the name(s) of the person responsible for the implementation). File the memo in a 3-ring binder, divided by tabs for each workshop.
  9. At next week’s meeting. Review the action and results. Discuss newly created material. What’s working and not, and how you can improve.
  10. File the memo and the notes from your review. Put them in the 3-ring binder for the next time you review this topic.

Run these workshops every week. Do it with, as Chet Holmes says, “pig-headed determination.” After 52 weeks you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve transformed and improved your business.